"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Velvet and Gold soaked in Red" One Shot Poetry #39

Ursula bequeaths her throne,
little is known of her past.
Tweeds are braided softly
so they fill the picture
till it’s bursting from volume,
reaching for forgiveness. 

Following a sound from the forest
as handmaidens file in,
coiffed fine velvet, gold dripping edges
on an altered direction.
Hibiscus plants, purple lily bells 
run in a circular motion …stillness,
walking in a single melody.

Sorrow fills the vestibule’s opening,
streaking watercolour hues of sadness,
prickling the senses, holding on …
as their skirts crease at fine hemmed edges,
nothing lost nor frayed,
frozen in the light of an unforgiving night.

Blindness has accompanied these women
who have laid their arrows down, 
beleaguered by hostile forces
when fenced in by the wreath
completing a last voyage.
It’s a massacre in Cologne.

process notes: This is a poem I started
writing awhile ago, I decided to finally
finish it.


  1. The last three lines of the first stanza are exquisite. Great images throughout. I'm glad you finished, giving these women voice. ~Brenda

  2. Read this several times and looked up the incident. A very haunting poem, pamela, and the sense of an underlying madness is there as well, I think. I, too, am glad you finished it.

  3. I'm so happy you finished the poem. It's excellent.

  4. smome nice rhyme to create flow with it...and off of the incident it is quite haunting...knowing...and it can happen to any of us...metaphorically...

  5. The telling of this piece is enchanting even though the story is tinged with sorrow. Really nice work, Pamela. I'm glad you finished it.

  6. Stunning imagery, beautiful flow. Complex layers within its serenity.

  7. A poem that definitely had to be finished. Great words.

  8. Powerful poem with great images. The best poems always come with waiting!

  9. So much good stuff in this one, Pam!

    My favorite part: "prickling the senses"

  10. Ah Pam a glorious write for these martyrs and women....their history not forgotten and song out in chant and prayer....you always test the mind and bring to light thoughts left still in need of dusting and light...thank you...so much..bkm

  11. Thanks Brenda, I have been working on this piece for some time now. I wasn't certain where to go with it. I kept adding and taking away lines, it was really bothering me every time I looked at it.

  12. Thanks Joy Ann, it is a bit of a relief, to have finished it.

  13. Yes, Brian, it could/does happen quite often.

  14. It is a sad story, zouxzoux. Thanks.

  15. Petrina, I tried to soften the story somewhat.

  16. So very true, Gordon, I know that of most of what I write, if it is forced or written in haste, it just doesn't turn out well. This sat on the back burner for awhile, until I felt it was time to finish it.

  17. Oh, my, what a very nice thing to say, Barb.