"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Nothing Changes" One Shot Wednesday #38

Roots hang from trees that
have been there many years,
winding round the air with grace,
grabbing nourishment.   
Releasing what’s not consumed,
misguided aspirations.
Leaves hang from branches that
have been there a few days,
drooping with no finesse,
beaten down by heat,
seeking life or
It’s a Grand Guignol
accompanied like a plague.
Taut skin stretched becomes
as melodrama unfolds
making things indivisible.
Sub-genre can make for bad theatre
Its conformity has me
lost in a sea of bullshit


  1. A powerful piece of writing Pam..."Taut skin stretched becomes unglamorous...melodrama unfolds"....the roots run deep throughout this writing...sounds like feels that have made their way to the surface of living....well spoken and written...bkm

  2. woot...you build to an amazing crescendo with this one...got some great pop to it...

  3. This aptly alludes to me, to my peers. Don't know if that was your intent, but all kinds of 50+ women fit between these lines!

  4. Reads like an eloquent poetic rant, Pam. It seems some folks cannot accept the ways of nature, and it certainly makes for terrible melodrama. Effective, condensed lines with a powerful ending.

  5. Powerful, sometimes angry words - beautifully expressive.

  6. One of your best, pamela. "..seeking life or subversion..."excellent line out of many, especially the pummeling ending which is like a bucket of water in the face of pretense.

  7. You could say they have surfaced, Barb.

  8. They most certainly do, Kim. It is quite tiring.
    The epitome of falseness.

  9. I surely don't understand all of the cosmetic surgery women do to themselves, Adam. I proud of every little wrinkle on my face, showing I have had a life filled with emotion.

  10. It does sound a bit angry, I know, Anthony. I am
    realistic about aging, it happens and we should embrace it.

  11. I'd like to throw a bucket on a few I know, Joy, but, then they might melt:)

  12. crisply pointed and stinging...

    ...rob kistner
    Image & Verse

  13. Time to try a different waterway. or maybe just follow the current instead of fighting it. ;-)

  14. Yes, a completely different waterway, Shay. That is the only direction to go in:)

  15. Thanks for Guignol, that's a new one for me, and now my favorite line is, "It's a Grand Guignol, accompanied like a plague." This is a raw, honest piece. I'll second Brian's woot!

  16. Sometimes in life situations can be quite macabre,
    can't they? I love that word:) Life is but a Grand Guignol at times.

  17. Once again, there is such a flow to your words, the anger is there, but only puncutated by that direct and honest last line. Liking this a lot Pamela,


  18. What a switch from descriptive to emotive! Well played out, Pamela!

  19. A very interesting look into things that are natural in the whole scheme of things but looked closely it becomes so grotesque that one does not know how to appreciate it or accept it. YOur ending was perfect to depict that sense of loss...
    Thanks for sharing..
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  20. There is, but, a wee bit of anger in it, Elizabeth.

  21. Stare at something long enough and it surely will change your perspective, Shasi.

  22. uh - i can feel the energy...good to write us free isn't it..

  23. Wonderful metaphorical poetry, here, Pamela. I think it's apparent when someone rejects their own aging or when they accept it. Inner beauty shines through. Because of the numerous live-saving surgeries I've had to have, I could not personally accept elective plastic surgery. That's my own opinion but I guess we each have different insights.

  24. I don't believe in botox, breast augmentation, derma-fillers, etc ... I think we should embrace our age and be happy with it, so many people are looking for the fountain of youth. Just my humble opinion.