"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Captured in Time One Shoot Sunday-featured artist James Rainsford

 A span’s length full of wonder, 
still a dead stare ahead, affixed
My beard has accumulated
the dust of centuries past,
robes are wrinkled, stiff, unmoving 
My cap is undetachable
With a bird on top who spreads its wings
coming in for safe landings,
it visits every day
My dynasty of an existence in the town square …
behind me is the holy grail,
ahead I see nothing
The sun no longer blinds me
Clinging to atmospheric change,
functions circulating in a cycle
Ideas I once formulated
are unmoving inside me …
a statuesque  life


  1. Wonderful--- not easy to write to this prompt. I love the pun at the end. xxxj

  2. "behind me is the holy grail / ahead I see nothing"
    Talk about dropping a philosophical bomb in that line. Wow, from King Arthur to Sartre... Daily visits from the bird is also very telling. And Jenne is correct about that great pun at the finish. Excellent write.

  3. ugh...what a sad life...but you know i have seen people who might as well be...nicely done...

  4. All he needs is a channel clicker. ;-)

  5. It was a bit of a challenge, Jen.

  6. Adam, I write it like it is, so others may read it as they wish:)

  7. Could be said about a few I have known, Shay;)

  8. a span length's full of wonder - what exquisite way to describe this bird...lovely

  9. A statuesque life... what a perfect phrase. Lovely take on the prompt! Amy BL

  10. Thanks, Amy, it is nice to see you can finally leave a comment here:)