"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Flowers of Fiamma" One Shot Wednesday #36

Fiamma puts flowers in her hair,
lights have been extinguished.
You’ve changed the course … shifted.
As a lock of red hair falls over her shoulder,
fruit is sliced open as walls weep
perfume contained inside them.
A pounding as he exits on a spiral staircase.

I am falling into myself, no escape.
Unraveling each part
of a painting hanging upside down.
Tiles have cracked under foot,
a crevice is opening up.

Fiamma puts her flowers in my hand.
She has lit the candles,
placing them far out of reach,
as a lock of red hair falls over her eye …


  1. Striking images/word choices/flow. . . truly original and haunting.

  2. Haunting this Lady of the Flame...she seems to have an agenda here that she is not willing to fulling share...placing it just out of reach...I will have to do some research on this lady....thank you for the introduction to her...bkm

  3. i am falling into myself unraveling a painting hanging upside down...i really thought this was going another way from the beginning...but effective imagery...and i like the coming back around to the strand of hair...

  4. Haunting is a good descriptor as Steve had mentioned. I find it cryptic yet rich in detail and imagery. Leads the reader to want to know what may occur next as the hair falls over her eye. Intriguing poem

  5. Super, very exotic...was she met last night...was it a dream, his downfall, his muse...?

    ...Fiamma puts flowers in her hair...

    lovely opening.

  6. Haunting and full of passionate imagery. Excellent.

  7. Such intensity. A connection to another and in that instance, one's world is tipped on its ear.

  8. I feel like I've been privvy to a sacred ceremony here, Pamela. Very intriguing imagery.

  9. Thanks for the nice comment, Barb.

  10. This lady of mystery...you leave me wanting to know more about her. Nice imagery.

  11. Who knows what may happen next, Adam:)

  12. Hi, Ollie, I loved your interview.

  13. loved the falling into myself..what a great picture you paint with this

  14. Very intriguing poetry and your words 'falling into myself' caught me.. wonderful.

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