"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"No More Jonquils" We Write Poems #46-Street Art Poem

                      Art by RONE                         

Blood stain’s weeping caresses my face,
jonquils no longer grow in clusters,
I’ve lost my view of white picket fences only
to be left with chain link enclosures crowning me
As the sun goes down in its dubious fashion
I’ve turned a pallid white, all colour is gone,
my hair picks up highlights of day and
sends them back to a bluish sky without
birds of tendency I once knew
Red surrounds me and I take in the anger
only to cry it out so all the world may see
my lonesome misery painted on this wall


  1. Takes my breath away at the ending. Really gets into the persona. Very Good descriptions!

  2. Yes, exactly!!!! I went through the letting go of picket fences dream, escaped the chain link cage - "lonesome misery". It gets so much better after! Well done, Pamela!!!!!

  3. Love it, Pamela! The colors created vibrant imagery. Well done.

  4. Thanks Marian, I have written it, as I see it.

  5. Thanks, Sherry, misery does make one lonesome.

  6. Thanks, Brenda, I enjoyed your poem as well:)

  7. I really like how you imbued her face with personality and pulled the scenery around her in to tell the story.


  8. An Interesting prompt, Nicole. I also, read the story behind it.

  9. Pamela, I like how you wrote your poem from the perspective of the woman on the wall. Nicely done. Concise and powerful. I really liked "chain link enclosures crowning me".

  10. Thanks for the visit, Mr. Walker. Haven't seen you around for some time.

  11. I love the title of this piece; it encompasses the whole theme. Incredibly sad.

  12. Tilly, the image does evoke some sadness.

  13. This is phenomenal! I love 'As the sun goes down in its dubious fashion' and 'my lonesome misery painted on this wall.' A fantastic poem.

  14. I found this very intense and focused. A powerful poem.

  15. More wonderful writing, and love the image!