"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Peace" One Shoot Sunday-Roger Allen Baut

Photography by Roger Allen Baut
Time after time try to reconcile
concepts detailed in rippling,
beckon crystalline waves on
unseen lit smooth surface,
aquamarine calls forth
serenity’s eye,
hold peace at
its wake


  1. Serenity in the crystal sight, reflections of peace in the melting rain...a soothing piece for this Sunday, stirring all too welcome visions of spring's arrival, and the beauty of nature...

  2. The drop-like shape picks up the character of the words, pamela. Nicely done. I know these are harder than they look, and this one has a 'watery' feel that really nails the ambiguities in the pic.

  3. Yes, Joy, the first time I did a nonet, I thought, this will be easy, well, that is not the case. There are many things to consider when writing one. I hadn't even noticed it was in the shape of a drop:) Thanks.

  4. Time after time....in waves?

    I so enjoy what you write.

  5. What a very nice comment, Shay:)

  6. Very nice, Pamela. I like it. :-) The shape reminds me of a whirlpool, from the side, or a tornado.

  7. The pairing of your poem with this picture are so striking! It's like listening to a piece of music being played, with an unexpected bridge that, because of its very unexpectedness, ties everything together. I'm still applauding.

  8. Your words match the photographic image perfectly and convey a mood of peaceful wavy motion....love especially "hold peace at its wake blue". Cool shaped poem, it looks like a difficult format. You master it well.

  9. If we could always surf our thought in happy rhythm with its rollers. Sigh. - Brendan

  10. Thanks, RJ, Sherry, Madeleine, Gautami and Brendan.