"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Girl in the Mirror" One Shot Wednesday #37

George Donaldson all rights reserved
She watches what I do
sees me in her mirror,
staring at me slightly
from her left side view.
Count and measure,
moments of delicate thoughts.
Truth is not relevant nor
evaluated in a spectrum.
No need to stare
with intensity, there’s no love …
found in her regard, it’s fair.
Remorse is solitude
from her point of glancing,
following me round, broken
images make us who we are.
As she looks on and gazes at me
through those glasses,
I’ve become unnerved.


  1. Sounds like a search for self. Nice one.

  2. smiles. the broken places make us unique as well...our eyes never see truly through the mirror...

  3. I, too, can sometimes unnerve myself. It is through those slivers of illumination that I see important truths, and learn.

  4. yes, broken images making up who we are...and just when we think there is no more breaking...something else breaks the pieces smaller...bkm

  5. Broken images make us who we are—as do "fair" movements in more than one sense of the term. Also appreciate the ways one can interpret "No need to stare." Very well crafted poem.

  6. ...from her left side view.
    Count and measure...

    good stuff.

  7. Images makes us what we are.. Nice thought though I have difficulty in agreeing to it... as i believe that what we see through our perceptions is not actually true.. as its limited by our smallness...
    Yet I enjoyed it very much.. thanks for sharing..

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    Om Shanti Om
    May peace be... pray for People of Japan
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  8. i like this - you beautifully capture here the tendency to observe so critically what we are doing that we become unnerved about our own criticism - that's at least how i read it - spoke to me..

  9. There's something to be said for dark mirrors -- the clear ones have an unsettling fidelity. "Broken / images make us who we are." Too true ... Brendan

  10. Very interesting perspective. Well done.

  11. i am still the sucker who grins at herself every time she looks into the mirror...

    lovely thoughts strung together here...

  12. Broken images all together make a whole. Self discovery can take place from studying all the images.

  13. So well said, Pamela... we are a collection of those broken images.. aren't we? Embracing our fears and reflections, and yet, allowing them to walk right by us... :)

    A lovely insightful read..

  14. Thanks to all for your nice comments.