"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Woman in the House poets united thursday think tank #39-Ghosts

She is everywhere I look,
around every turn.
In the middle of the night
she stands at the foot of my bed,
dressed in white …

Creaking on the stairs
she is behind me, so very close.

In the dark, shadows play with
the mind, I see her
hiding in the closet, ready
to take me into her world,
dressed in black …

My fear of her is real,
she sits in the sunroom looking
out at the street when no-one is home, 
and disappears when I come in,
dressed in daylight …

Then I hear the story of a young
woman who took her life
in the house
where I live …


  1. Is this real - or just a very good ghost story? It gave me chills!

  2. RJ, it is true, though I never saw her in the
    sunroom, but my sister did.

  3. chillingly delightful! and the true story makes it even more so! xo

  4. At least she has a varied wardrobe! Interesting.

  5. Ooh, that was lovely, Pamela! The ring of truth made this tale chillingly enjoyable...:)



  6. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Is this real? Very spooky. Managed to give me goosebumps.

  7. Okay - got chills up here - and not just because it is cold.

  8. that's exactly how I feel the ghost as a child, referring to your first paragraph.

    well done.

  9. Oh my goodness! What a great true story. Scary - I love when you come in "dressed in daylight". Good one, Pamela!

  10. Annell, I managed to write smoothly, to something
    that terrified me as a child. She would never
    leave me alone.

  11. Yes, rinkly, the imagination of a child.

  12. Yes, she was. My sister saw her and brother
    was tormented by her.

  13. Ollie, she was chilling for me.
    Not a happy ghost.

  14. Sherry, my sister saw her more than once in
    the sunroom. True story. My parents bought
    the house from a family whose daughter shot
    herself at the top of the staircase. Not only
    that, the house was built in 1910 and was
    originally a butcher/slaughter house. A beautiful
    house, but, it certainly had some history.

  15. What a wonderful piece of writing Pamela. So very evocative. Then to find it is true and the details so clear take on a whole nother level of meaning. You must have felt relief when you could move away.


  16. Elizabeth, it was a beautiful house with
    3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a huge yard in
    a very nice area of Long Island, but,
    I was terrified in that house at night.
    My father finally told me the story when we moved. My brother stayed behind to sell the house and whatever that was, it scared him to the point of going to our other brother's house in the middle of the night.
    Unsettled spirits do exist.

  17. Pamela,
    Wonderfully captured image through your words.
    A sad reality .....

    Best wishes, Eileen

  18. Yes, Eileen, she was in her twenties and it was
    supposedly over unrequited love.

  19. Pamela, that is very frightening. In the house we just recently moved from a young man had taken his life too. We heard that after we had moved in. It gave me an eerie feeling. I never felt his presence though, but it saddened me greatly...especially when I heard the story. Your poem was very good. Realistic. Eerie.

  20. Mary, that is why my father never mentioned it
    to me while we lived there, thank goodness. I was
    always waking up in the middle of night and
    going/running to my parents' bedroom. Of course they said "it is just a bad dream, go back to bed". When I found out the truth, well, I am not
    sure if I was really relieved.

  21. I love how she changes with the surroundings. Poor thing, I hope she finds peace. (see how real you made her seem to me?)

    PS--Angie is so cute!!!

  22. Yeah, Shay, she was a sly one. I hope that she
    has found peace, because if not, she is tormenting
    the family that lives there now.
    Angie is a cute one, poor thing she was abandoned
    on the streets here, barely 7 months old.
    I hate people who do that.

  23. I love this, the apparition adapts! Well Done~

  24. Very scary indeed. Have you ever tried to paint her? I think you said somewhere you paint as well as write. The poem is well done too--imaginative and yet conveys a creepy mood.

  25. Was it in Amityville? Or was it a different Long Island haunted house?

  26. Peggy, I am not sure I would want to,
    maybe she'll come find me.

  27. ha ha ha! No, Madeleine, not Amityville but, the south shore just the same.

  28. Dear Pamela,

    I love little stories in poetry. Dressed in mystery.