"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"The Muse" we write poems #45-against the grain

Gone are times of hysterical madness
Gone are folds of resistance that crease and leave me bent,
unable to stand up against its rage

Gone are reflections of the tarnished or diminished
Gone are scraps of paper holding truths not to be revealed
to anyone, anywhere

Gone are simplifications of enormous magnitude
Gone are stories of supplication’s fear in unknown
areas of the mind

Gone are watchful days with words running in a line
Gone are fears of moonless nights hiding behind
closed curtains that never open

Gone are clowns who terrify with crooked smiles
Gone are mad hatters with different disguises for
days to come forward
Gone are all these from my sight


  1. I like your first verse, especially the second line, and the repetition works well.

  2. This is a depressing subject, against the grain.
    old joke: "Get out of the wheat field, Granny, you're going against the grain."

  3. I like this, Pamela. It sounds like you have discarded a lot of negatives and found clarity........or am I totally off track? Good poem, at any rate!

  4. What is fone is the negative. So you are left with the uplifting positive. I'm glad.

  5. I like how it seems negative on first reading but is actually quite positive. Clever.

  6. Marian, there's nothing wrong with getting rid
    of negativity in one's life.

  7. Exactly on track, Sherry. I have more and more
    clarity each day I live.

  8. Ha! Still some, but, so little I don't give it much thought.

  9. It is good to dispose of all the negativity one can in one's life! Well done, Pamela.

  10. Wow I feel the words' power. I like.

  11. It is an excellent accomplishment, if it can be done, Mary.

  12. If this goes against the grain in any way for you Pamela, all I can say like Oliver, bowl in hand, "more please". Wonderfully done. Simple direct statements yet given with a sense of a mystery revealed and lifted (blue sky unspoken is yet obvious). I feel both the child and the adult, both breathing in this poem here. This might just be one of my favorites of your poems Pamela. Thank you so much for writing. ~neil

  13. I like the repetition and rhythm present in this piece, which drives home what is lost and gone. Nicely done.


  14. Wow, Neil, what an absolutely lovely comment, thanks.

  15. Repetition is not a strong area for me, so this did go against the grain. Thanks Nicole.