"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"The Red Shoe Book Project" by Annell Livingston


Restless hands, a desire to create
Never enough time …
Staying busy is important
Like water that rushes down
a mountain and becomes frozen in midstream
Fingers move in synchronized efforts,
forming – reaching – trying to make sense
Light through a window catches shadows
that spark interests and ideas
Creation, imagination, allows breathing, slow and steady 
Pyramids pile high, placing layer upon layer 
As we construct what we believe, 
An expression of ourselves


Red satin shoes that tap
along the skyline.
Resonating through my brain.
Formations flow ...
Sequins sparkle causing rainbows.
Illuminations – Frivolous ...
Limitless beginnings and endings.
Twinkling – drops of contour.
The future is crystallizing promises,
comforting infinities.
Happiness surrounds, butternuts and chicory.
Lining a cloud above, clicking and repeating ...

**This is part of The Red Shoe Book Project, an artist's vision conceived by Annell Livingston. She generously asked me to include two of my poems in her project, which are the poems above.

As Annell has explained, "I got the idea for The Red Shoe Book Project from the book, The Madwoman in the Attic. It has quite a bit about the symbol of the red shoe and the creativity of women. As I began to discuss red shoes with women, I realized that so many do not know the meaning behind them...so it seemed the perfect project.

I am very pleased because the writings I have received are all so different. Thus as I had hoped, it will be a jewel with many facets. There are two ideas behind artists books. One is that they be very inexpensive, and democratic, and the other is the idea to make it precious. And the Red Shoe Book Project will be both. "


  1. Oh it is so nice to read the poetry from the Red Shoe Project along with Annell's paintings...I have read Terresa's and now yours and the shoes do so much to make them come to life...Would love to see the whole project in its presentation with all the Art ...Creativity and Dancing what beautiful expressions...bkm

  2. It was a pleasant surprise for me, when Annell asked for my poems, quite an honor, actually.

  3. What a surprise! You post looks great! Thanks so much! I will save it as part of the documentation.

  4. Oh, I'm happy to be here & to have found your blog, via Annell! I'm a contributor to the Red Shoe project as well and thrilled!

    Loved your poems, the line that will remain with me today is this one:

    "The future is crystallizing promises..."

  5. Thanks, Terresa, I just visited your site and read your poem, it is lovely.

  6. Yes! What a great post about a great project.

  7. In a million years ... I never considered being asked by anyone to write a poem for an amazing project like Annell's. Your work is wonderful!!

  8. Me neither, Helen and thank you.

  9. greets flaubert
    love the hands making sense of things
    best wishes