"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"I have found her" we write poems #43-gaurdian angel

A crevice where Bougainvilleas once lived
has rain inside its heart, as the sun makes
its bon voyage it pulls away the heat.
Dark thunder crashes down from a bright sky.
Abbreviations form on fairy wings in a universal flight,
weaved through golden ominous shadows.
Lacy patterns of ice crystals tap as we stretch our
limbs to touch the farthest point of foundation.
Engulfed and swarming with presence …
she has shown her renaissance outline
of peace and solitude that covers me.
Blankness fills empty holes with enormity.
Dreams are intertwined with fascination of
lapidarists found in a monastery of repose,
as a drop of sweat falls from my brow
to make its scintillating pathway
known to observers of night.
Her violet eyes burn into my soul leaving me
pacification to wind round a weary heart,
while I listen to rain dripping from eaves’
fingertips of nature’s diatribe.


  1. I notice you've been writing very lyrical poems. This one feels dreamy.

  2. A fine poem, this. It becomes more compelling with further reading.

  3. Wow! So filled wtih magical word choices. I love this!

  4. Have to agree with Irene, really am enjoying the lyrical quality of your poems. They sing with fascinating language underscored by delightful and vivid imagery. Really good stuff, Pamela,


  5. Thanks Irene. This was inspired partially by
    a beautiful Bougainvillea a few houses from mine.

  6. Thanks Dave,what a very nice thing to say.

  7. Thanks Elizabeth, but I am sure there are others
    would accuse me of being too profound.

  8. I would not be one ever to accuse you of being too profound, Pam. (having seeing what you said in response to Elizabeth) In any case, profundity is always a good thing. I always enjoy seeing where a prompt takes you! And I love your word choices in this poem!

  9. I too enjoyed reading this and the images and word combinations you used sang to me. The first image of the bougainvillea caught me right away.

  10. What a beautiful, clear word picture you paint. The poem has an almost mystical quality. Nice work, Pam! Thank you.

  11. Lovely poem.I love the flow of words taking me to another island of dreams...well written

  12. This is amazing. I love the imagery in this poem, and it was very easy for me to form the images in my head as I read. Also, some very descriptive and gorgeous word choices. The whole poem throughout seems strong yet fragile.


  13. Happy Birthday, Pamela! :-)
    Cheers ...

  14. Peggy, the words seem to fit what I was trying to say. Thanks.

  15. Thanks Jamie:) nice to see you.

  16. Thanks Uma and congrats on the book!

  17. From the first words, "A crevice where Bougainvilleas once lived..." 'til the final line, you create this mental visual that is so compelling. Such atmosphere!

  18. Thanks RJ:), you are so sweet.