"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Surfing on the water's edge One Shot Wednesday #34

Rising against the crash of
water that spreads like wings.
Over my eyelashes it covers me, 
spreading fingers of a sensation.

I gained momentum quickly, 
held tightly to the edge of fascination,
leaving time behind me … waiting.
Escaping through a wall of destiny
as it lifted my body on the rising surge,
I am hidden behind a bullet’s
race with time.

Transported on a crescendo.

Wrapping my toes around the edge,
I am taken to the other side,
force of water pushing me …
no splinters – only freedom.
Riding on the crest,
cool water moving across my
face … it refreshes me.
On curves of Atlantic tides
that collapse, bringing me in for my shoring.


  1. wow. i have never surfed but this is how i imagine it...riding the bullet...nice...i so want to try now...

  2. I haven't gone since high school nor
    have I ever written about it. My best
    friend in California, still goes all
    the time.

  3. If I closed my eyes, I could almost picture myself transported...impressive since I've never been near a board. Lovely image!

  4. I am hidden behind a bullet's race with time....

    this is a poem within that is a message that goes beyond surfing....well done Pam....bkm

  5. oh - i can feel the froth, splashing in your poem..would love to surf...think it's a bit like flying..

  6. OOh, I can feel the surging water and sheer energy of it through you words! Exhilarating. :-)

  7. Beautiful.. I enjoyed it so much...

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    Om Namah Shivaya
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  8. love the experience through your eyes. favorite lines are the two "I am hidden. . ." similar feeling I get at 80 mph behind full fairing on HD :) nice oneshot

    Monty / bum

  9. "I am hidden behind a bullet's race with time..." great line, pamela. The journey poem is a mainstay, but you have given it life and flow and a sense of the ocean being alive both within and without. And the surfing metaphor is excellently done throughout. Enjoyed it.

  10. Surf's up! Hang ten! Kawabunga, dude!

    (Somebody get me a Mai Tai! LOL!)

    Nice One Shot, Pamela!

  11. I still have scrape marks on my belly, worn with time, as I feel the tug of the cord on my ankle...thanks fot taking me back there...Beautiful imagery.

  12. rmp, I couldn't get into your site, hum?

  13. Monty, I imagine that would true, but, give me the board anytime. Motorcycles terrify me.

  14. I am glad you did, Joy Ann.

  15. Ha ha ha! Eric, do they still use some
    of those expressions. I should ask my friend.

  16. Ouch! That had to have hurt. I crashed
    several times, but with no reminders.
    You are welcome.

  17. WOWW!! I heard the roar of the waves myself in your words!! Awesome!! Felt fresh after reading this one, Pamela! It actually reminded me of the poem I had written about my skydiving experience and that sense of total freedom...woohoo!!
    A really coooooool One Shot, my dear!! :)