"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Set Sail" we write poems #39-bucket list

I have floated along an edge in life
living, learning and observing
But before I die …

I want to sail through the Strait of Gibraltar
Feel smoothness of teak on a galley floor,
chrome railings, ropes coiled in piles on a deck
Raise sails, a spinnaker pushing 
on a blue draw of sleeves,
rising up, crashing on the hull
Hold the helm of direction, set the course
Swim, reaching, wide strokes,
creating glistening, musky droplets
falling all around  
Find the sun as it descends  
Listen to guitars in the night
Spain or Moroccan shores


  1. A lovely nautical dream, Pamela. I like the tactile quality too.

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Pam, with a dreamlike quality. Your words set the scene so well. It is one that D, another lover of sailing, would definitely relate to and identify with!

  3. Please may I join your dream world, Pamela - it is so enticing.

  4. Oh, I want to come too. You made it so real, so very enticing. Thank you,


  5. Irene thanks and it is a dream of mine.

  6. Mary, I have been around sailboats most of my
    life. Having lived on Long Island and in Florida.
    It is my dream, but first I would have to buy
    a suitcase of dramamine for my husband:)
    Unless he wouldn't mind me finding a salty dog
    to accompany me;)ha!

  7. I've sailed (well, ferried) through the Strait of Gibraltar. I like your version of it much much better. Go for it. :)

  8. I've sailed too, but only off the Northeastern coast of the US. I love your take on this bucket list sail. Dreamy.

  9. Joseph, you are lucky for that, I would prefer the sailboat, but I could settle for the ferry.
    I have sailed on the NE coast and the Gulf
    of Mexico. I really miss it.
    Anything is possible:)

  10. RJ Me too, having lived on Long Island.
    But the Strait of Gibraltar is so enticing.
    Do you know where they sell cases of dramamine?
    That would be for the husband:)
    I am sure it is one of the reasons he likes
    living inland. No chance of me dragging him
    on a boat. (lakes don't count)

  11. This is just beautiful!

  12. i can feel the longing… thanks for visiting my blog Pamela and I put you on my blogroll…

  13. That is beautiful, and an absolutely wonderful thing to have on one's bucket list. Now you got me wanting to go find some nice shores and an ocean, although good luck doing that in frozen Ohio. :)

  14. Nicole, we should all do something that we dream
    of before we die. Not that I plan on going soon.