"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Mystery on the Coastal Waterway poetry tow truck #6-lean on me/sunday scribblings #253-story

From a dune the Martians laid claim to,
the chronicles were written on the quiet call.
As they buried their feet in pyramids,
formulating mathematical configurations.

Meanwhile … down a tunnel,
the dark-haired girl who drank
from five silver chalices
had chosen to live in a slaughterhouse …
observing the madness of the gods.

She contacted an uprising for the western
American front to put a coup d'état in position,
where there once existed buildings
with barriers to protect from the hornets’ nest.
Maybe she could find out
who kicked it after all. 

process notes:
(a very drafty poem that needs some work)
I used these following titles to write this poem:
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest: Stieg larrson
Slaughterhouse-Five: Kurt Vonnegut
The Martian Chronicles: Ray Bradbury
All Quiet on the Western Front: Erich Maria Remargue
Dune: Frank Herbert
American Gods: Neil Gaiman


  1. That was one of the best mash-ups I ever read! Cool!

  2. RJ a mash-up it is, lol!
    It does need some work:)
    Thanks girl!

  3. I enjoyed it...never seen this concept used in a poem before!
    I may have to try it myself :)

  4. You have just put a food processor in my brain!

    You say it is a very drafty poem; it certainly put the wind up me!

  5. Great draft - and great titles! Glad you gave it a try.

  6. That was cleverly done. Enjoyed it.

  7. Oh yes, I could feel all those voices mixing up and becoming your story to tell..and I definitely want to hear more about the 'dark-haired girl who drank from five silver chalices'..that is such a tantalising thought..Jae

  8. You should try it Abigail.
    It has some interesting results.

  9. Oldegg thanks, but it is drafty.

  10. I think I will work on that, jaerose.