"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Display of the Present One Shoot Sunday-Featured Artist JackAZ photography

On cerulean, a shade to fit parameters,
the click the clack of pounding keys,
in pale white place, self in front of ebony.
A history laid before us
of caffeine-laden blood that drives
me to the edge of sleepless nights
and hazy mornings.
Past has met present
liquid crystal display.
Obsolete machinery finds a home
in the dusty attic,
buried under boxes containing our lives. 
Memories … an impression
left in words behind. 


  1. Poor forgotten typewriter! Sometimes the archaic machinery is all that will work...I find a pen and paper works too :) Lovely imagery you create here

  2. I wonder what percent of coffee is consumed by "us"?

    the attic...you never see words of joy referencing...the attic
    may have to fix that:-)

    Peace, hp

    I have some up

  3. First off, perfect font choice! "Past has met present" is a great way to summarize today's challenge, and comparing an LCD with a boxed memory is also very telling. Yet, the memories and impressions of past writers remain through the words passed on, and from which many of us have learned. Well written, Pamela.

  4. an impression of words left behind....and did they ever make an impression on who we are today....bkm

  5. nice...writing keeps me up at night and wakes me quite often...we have no hoice but to leave those impressions eh?

  6. What is that damn thing sitting on, that made so many of us imagine final, forgotten resting places? "... a pale white place, self in front of ebony." Yes. And the rawness of that place does have the feel of so many sleepless nights trying to get a nameless thing down in words ... Very nice. - Brendan

  7. Wow - this hit a familiar note! Staying up late...bringing up old memories...past meeting present.

    I absolutely loved the visual of the second line, "...the click the clack of pounding keys,.."

  8. Superb, visual, restrained-emotive work.

  9. repressedsoul, I walk round with pen and paper in hand always.

  10. hpicasso, I believe I have stock in coffee in

  11. So true, Adam, where would we be without books.

  12. Brian, I have a journal by my bedside and quite
    often in the middle of the night, wake and jot
    down a line or two.

  13. The center drop out of the desk? I think.
    Thanks Brendan.

  14. Thanks my friend, RJ, I believe most can relate to

  15. Wonderful entwining of old and new and so much truth to "buried under boxes containing our lives".

  16. Yes, there is Jack. I love your photography.
    You have got a great eye.