"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Blanket of Hope Big Tent Poetry #40-a cure for what ails you

A young girl put out the flames
on a horse’s mane as he ran
aimlessly through a forest.
You held a baby within your heart for
nourishment of his soul
so no more hunger would exist.
We watched an eagle fly,
crows sitting in the trees,
geese swimming on a lake.
A young boy demolished bombs
that were waiting to be released,
to send a blanket of poison over an already barren land.
While he held on to the possibilities of
peace, hoping he could make a difference.
A child swam in the ocean, watched dolphins
play, observed pelicans feeding,
 dipping on the water’s surface.
Tranquility has finally found a place to rest.

Process notes:
I don’t worry about money, there
will always be a need for more,
I don’t worry about work, I’m satisfied
with my job. Love is and has always
been a pain in the neck, but I love my
husband and I believe he loves me.
Or I’m quite sure he wouldn’t put up
with some of my BS.
What bothers me and what I wish I
could change is the way things are
headed. Humanity has taken a
turn for the worse.


  1. Your process notes are as much of a poem as your poem, and that contains several cures.

  2. I love the tranquil cure of the world's ailments. Especially nice is the last line!

  3. Beautiful imagery and very profound. The first line lured me in.

    I agree with your process notes statement... sad and scary is the road we are heading down.

  4. Faint hints of Dylan's 'Hard Rain...' in the chain of dreamlike images. Very effective as it works its way towards resolution.

  5. Liked your descriptions & yes, humanity is headed in the wrong direction. People are different from when I was a child.

  6. Oh wow...this!

    Sort of a surreal yet solid dream.

  7. As Viv said, the process-poem informs the poem itself in a really cool way... I like that idea of tranquility finding a place to rest. We count on tranquility to come along and relax us, but where does tranquility go when it needs a vacation itself?

  8. Wow, this is really lovely. Those first 3 lines are fantastic.

  9. Pam, we all need such a blanket of hope. Oh that it were so. The shape of your poem was interesting to me. Undoubtedly (?) unintentional, but it seemed to me the shape of a mushroom cloud. Oh that ALL bombs would be demolished.

  10. Thanks for your images of tranquility, Pamela. Your process notes read so honestly.

  11. Your poem has so much peacefulness contained within it, and yet your process notes do not convey the same sentiments. I am worried about things too (locally as well as globally) and they make me wake at night sometimes, wondering the future of things. I think your work today summed it all up quite well.

  12. What images... I really like that young boy demolishing bombs, a quiet moment of bravery.

  13. Such beautiful images. We share the same source of blues. I think the best thing to do is strive to "be the change we wish to see"...

  14. Thanks for the trip. I'm chilling.

  15. Strong poem and process notes. Excellent!

  16. Viv, not my intention, but it did turn out that
    way it seems.

  17. A very uncertain future indeed, Laurie.

  18. Dick, Dylan wow! I am quite flattered.

  19. As when I was a child too, Marian.

  20. Much that I write Mark is surreal:)

  21. Thanks Twitches and I wasn't sure if it
    was, too strong.

  22. Mary, a blanket of hope would be nice.
    I didn't notice the shape, ha!
    I hate bombs.

  23. It is the only place we can start, Kelly.

  24. Seems a lot did, Gautami. Thanks:)

  25. Thanks for the nice comment, Susan:)

  26. RJ, there is so much to worry about, that the
    last place I am worried about is my life.
    Home, work etc ... I worry more for my daughter
    and the younger generations. I had a good
    life growing up. Simple and nice. All this technology is troublesome.

  27. I would love to see your process notes woven into the poem - they inform each other wonderfully.

  28. I agree that your process notes came out in a very poetic way. I like the way your poem moves around from person to person, each with the desire and action to quench the world's need.

  29. Donna I should give that a try.
    It might be interesting to see
    what turns out.

  30. Jeanne, that was totally unintentional,
    thanks for the comment.