"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everywhere I Turn poets united thursday think tank #35-shadows

Following me on sidewalks,
looming in front of me
from behind a big glaring sun
I can almost touch it, feel it,
surrounding as if to capture me …

Following me in poorly lit
alleyways, it shows
elongated shapes, flowing
ready to control me …

On brick walls, segmented,
shifting, I will follow it
around city streets,
try to touch it, feel it, capture it …

As the night falls over me like a
sheet of clay, I can no longer see


  1. I love it! These shadows walk a lot of miles with us. (As I said to one of the other poets, I wonder why my shadow isnt thinner:) ) I love the line "as the night falls over me like a sheet of clay" - great line.

  2. I love the imagery here, the elongated shapes in poorly lit alleyways and segmented and shifting on bricks walls. I could see it! :-)

    Thanks for the pictures your words bought. :-)

  3. Does a shadow follow me, or do I follow it? I love the cleverness of this poem.

  4. One cannot escape one's shadow self no matter how hard one might try. Well expressed poem, Pam.

  5. I got a definite feeling of coldness and shadow from this. And then that damp sheet of clay! Good work!

  6. Another vivid and thoughtful piece of writing, Pamela. Love the images that have you reaching for and trying to somehow grasp those shadows. We all do that in one form or another.


  7. I walked with you here, wonderful imagery.

  8. Pamela,
    I really enjoyed your walk with and by the shadows.
    Beautiful words.......

    Best Regards,

  9. This had such a dark feel, the cold, chasing, looming shadow! Very well guided,alluding us to continue following your words, like a shadow!
    Well Done...I love the line,"On brick walls, segmented,shifting"!

  10. Fantastic Pam....love the "night falls over me like a sheet of clay" you make the shadows come alive....nice..bkm

  11. Very true Mary.
    There is no escape.

  12. Thanks Peggy, I guess I succeeded.