"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Changing a Life writer's island #6-beguile

She watched the clock’s hands
gripping an hour of crystal,
waiting on the return of intimacy’s shadow
that foretells love lost
in the open spaces of the heart.

Remaining faithful to her lover,
whose dark frame will encase the doorway.
She felt the gripping turmoil
encircle the walls lined with
years of loneliness.

His beautiful smile, with flagrant gestures
of a less than nurturing spirit.
She will sit and wait …
no matter how long it takes,
as a clock’s motion is moving backward.


  1. This is very deep and intriguing with an excellent last line.

  2. This is such a bittersweet poem! Like Anthony, I loved, "...as a clock's motion is moving backward."

  3. You paint such a poignant love Pamela.

  4. "J'attendrai
    Le jour et la nuit, j'attendrai toujours
    Ton retour.
    Le temps passe et court
    En battant tristement
    Dans mon cœur si lourd.
    Et pourtant, j'attendrai
    Ton retour."

  5. Thanks Anthony. I thought I would go with
    the bittersweet love story:)

  6. RJ, on occasion, it seems time may be moving backward.

  7. Berowne I don't speak French, but I can understand
    enough to know that this says: being sad and waiting for your return and that is about it;)
    I speak Spanish, and there are some similarities.

  8. Great poem.
    The feel in this can be read more thasn one way.
    A cool, dynamic poem here

  9. Thanks Richard, very nice of you to say.

  10. "His beautiful smile...a less than nurturing spirit."

    This. Yes. I know exactly how it feels to love someone like this. And to wait, and wait, and wait.

    Beautiful piece.

  11. This is a wonderful write on the agony of waiting. I loved the lines:
    She felt the gripping turmoil
    encircle the walls lined with
    years of loneliness.

  12. evenstarwen, sometimes people do wait and wait.
    Thanks for the visit.

  13. Gloria, it can be agonizing, thanks for the visit.