"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Saturday, April 30, 2011

"If We Fall Off Center" NaPoWriMo #30-What’s at the center and Write a poem in which the wheels (of a ____) fall off-Big Tent Prompts

Brilliance is centered thinking,
like a stone sparkling in sunlight; 
outer edges reach marrow
There is an exit from the
tunnel leading you to everywhere with anyone
who will wrap their arms around you in the rain,
comforting like an essence of fruition 
until the pivots quit working; wheels
fall in the dirt - lifeless, 
an indication that manufacturing had some serious flaws
They never really cared,
only wanted to play a game of exaction
Resilient, you jump back on the spokes,
teetering your way home
to re-engage your domination while attempting
to adhere with the world surrounding you

* I want to thank everyone who has been with me
on this wonderful, yet exhausting, poem a day journey. 
I'm completely awed by the talent out in this sometimes
perplexing, but always amazing, world we live in.


  1. I love the idea of

    who will wrap their arms around you in the rain,


  2. "the tunnel leading you to everywhere"
    Marvelous; as has been all your work this month.
    Write on, Sister.

  3. From start to finish, your posts have been top quality.

  4. I was with you up to "like an essence of fruition", but lost you then. I'll come back later and re-read. My brain sometimes just stalls for no good reason.

  5. Beautiful! And I agree with you, there are some very amazing people out there, and here.

  6. I have loved all of your amazing poems, Pamela. Your work is polished and impeccable. You are a first rate poet.

    And I appreciate the positive support you have given me during this long, exciting month.

  7. The sounds in this piece are exquisite. Well done! This month has been a ride. You are an incredible and kind person who increases my pride in our species. :) I'm happy to have met you, Pamela, and hope our time together stretches ahead for years.

  8. A wonderful conclusion to a wonderful month, Pam. "Brilliance is centered thinking." On to brilliance.....

  9. Pamela, a fine poem. You have a knack for blending images and thoughts, fashioning a progression through your poems that is a joy to behold, from brilliance at the beginning to resilience at the end.

  10. Pamela...

    Brilliantly written, indeed.


  11. Love what you do lady, always those wonderful flowing images and words that dance along the lines to music they alone can make. Impeccably brilliant! You are astounding, and thanks so much for your consistent companionship on this journey. It's been splendid.


  12. Life is sometimes like this and all we can do is to get back on and keep on going. A very nicely written piece. Thank You!

  13. It's been a grand trip. Thanks for your part in it.

  14. 'Brilliance is centred thinking' A lovely opening line, Pamela. :-)

    (apologies from the old man who grabbed the wrong end of the stick.)

  15. Thanks to all for the nice comments, it was a wonderful napo.

    Paul, no worries, it happens to all of us:)