"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fire Out of Control #48 The Art of Making Fire

Highways have collapsed underfoot,
seeping in creases of despair,
combustible gases release into
surrounding air

It’s the art of containing misery,
formulated from one’s own frenzy,
as if releasing drops of water
would extinguish coals’ bright-coloured hues

The hole is a grandeur of burnt
elements singeing skin,
harming the inner-self whenever
it’s out of control

Fire, heat becomes overwhelming,
suffocating, drowning it won’t recede
from incessant strokes of oxygen
All that’s left
are charred remains


  1. Really forceful images here. I particularly like the effortless rhyme of the first stanza. Not everyone can pull it off, but your rhythm handles it perfectly. Great introduction to a stark piece.

  2. It's so grand in its imagery, but really visualizes personal tumult. I especially like the collapsed highways and "creases of despair."

  3. Powerful, and I love reading whatEVER you write, it is always wonderful.

  4. Meaningful poem...sometimes writing a bit dark holds the meaning deeper ;)

  5. the crow himself, thanks, but I don't do rhyming well. It just falls there sometimes:)

  6. What a lovely thing to say, Sherry.

  7. I like the darkness, Pamela. It suits me today. Charred remains sound easier, somehow. Ha! Keep them coming.

  8. Dark but very good. And I especially like this phrase: "seeping in creases of despair"

  9. I like how you've used fire out of control as your metaphor here. And invoking misery and frenzy are well-done, the damage we do to ourselves and others when our emotions are out of control. It might be a bit dark, but it's good.

  10. Great poem, Pamela. Fires that won't be put out is very powerful. This is very timely for me, too. Thanks for going with the dark, if only for a little bit!

  11. Seems to suit me as well, Brenda.

  12. Yes, we do cause damage to ourselves and others when out of control, Mr. Walker.

  13. We'll see about that, Shari, thanks.

  14. i love it... outta control "...grandeur of burnt.." some great lines...