"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Burning Ice" NaPoWriMo #14-Big Tent Prompt-Write an ode to a thing you love in nature.

Erose is the art of ice …
barren wilderness, no trees …
Antarctic environment’s glassy surface.
Caribou slowly walk, their hooves
pressing into frozen land,
split lines following them to valleys below as
the sun is embedding on glaciers a sense of
time and space; landscapes are vanishing.
Seals with their pups lay on
its melting base in
unsettling atmospheric change.
Hold a cord against strong winds; there’s
intimate music to be heard while
earth’s warmth increases;
thawing evolves into
burning ice.
Plankton measurements decreasing
in a triangle of nature
as tear shaped chunks slide away …
a mournful crash hits a frigid sea.
Contraposition to how I feel while watching the scene …
I retrieve a floating remnant.
Crackling bubble sounds held in my hand …
hoping to preserve a piece of nature’s sculpture.


  1. Beautiful. The colour of glaciers is sublime.
    Cord or chord?

  2. Thanks, Viv. Yes, cord ... as in rope.

  3. Have you ever been there? It feels like you're writing from exdperience.

  4. O to be north of 60, now that Spring is (almost) there.

  5. Quite obvious that you enjoyed writing this. Well done, indeed.

  6. Wonderful images! You see so much!!

  7. Great title, Pamela! A very powerful and sobering piece. "Earth’s warmth increases; thawing evolves into burning ice." That's quite a line!

  8. I love this piece! It is so beautiful!

  9. No, Tilly, I've not been there. This piece actually came to me after watching a documentary.
    I also have painted a few watercolours of glaciers in the past. I am fascinated with them.

  10. I just love the beauty of glaciers, Ron. It is quite sad what is happening to that environment.

  11. I am glad you could sense that, Stan.

  12. I am a very visual person, Andy. I retain images in my mind and then try to put them into words.

  13. It is a sobering truth, Marianne. I watched a documentary recently about an artists' expedition to the Antarctic. They recorded the wind with a cord and said it sounded like music. Isn't that lovely?

  14. Beautiful, Pamela, so mind-boggling that the icebergs are melting, and still nothing changes. Humans must be like lemmings. I read a newspaper article once that spoke of researchers discovering a tone....a HUM......coming from Planet Earth. Your wind-song reminded me.

  15. Yes, Sherry. The documentary was amazing,they were recording all the damage global warming has caused.

  16. I love that first line - the word "erose" was perfect - and then you come back to it at the end with sculpture. I like your images and the message of this poem.

  17. Love the image of the cord stretched out making music. Poetry in science. Your poem, again is rich with imagery and your words flow in tribute to a place that draws you.


  18. It was a fascinating documentary, Mr. Walker.

  19. Elizabeth, I have always loved the beauty of the glaciers.

  20. This is very nice, Pamela. I can feel the immensity of the place in your words.

    I'm lucky enough to live in Newfoundland, where we get to see icebergs in the Spring. Unfortunately they were non existent last year and this year looks to be the same. They are truly magnificent. You can feel the cool air coming off them when you're standing on the beach. We even got to pick up pieces of one that had broken up on the shore.

    Your poem made me think of those times.

  21. Paul, the documentary I watched was fascinating. A group of photographers and artists went on the expedition, recording sounds, taking photos and samples. They set up an exhibition in a gallery, in which were the sculptures and photos. Unfortunately, I cannot find the name of it, as the title was in Spanish and I cannot locate it anywhere on line.
    You are quite fortunate to live in such a lovely place.

  22. Pam, I am surprised that I missed this poem when you shared it in April, but so glad I have opportunity to read it now. Your descriptions take me there.