"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"a saturday afternoon" poetry tow truck #2-Channel Surfing: Brought to You in Living Color

Lying on the grass,
leaves dropping from branches
Smell of the ocean nearby,
the sky was clear and bright
You walked away in faded jeans,
I watched your car’s taillights blinking
Slowly disappearing …

process notes:
Colours I chose were:
red: taillights
blue: ocean, car, sky, jeans
green: leaves, grass
The movie was horrible and I don't
remember the name because the title
was in Spanish. Basically the beginning
of the movie was devoid of colour.
(actually I fell asleep about a half an hour into it).


  1. The beginning sounds so tranquil yet leads to a goodbye. At least you got something out of a bad movie!

  2. Donna this was a very creative exercise. I enjoyed it. I only wish the movie had been better.
    On the upside I fell asleep earlier:)

  3. Sat through a lot of bad movies this past year, LOL! Wonderfully written work ^_^


  4. Your comments made me smile, Pamela. I can see you really tried. I looked for a movie too...found Forrest Gump (hadn't remembered the ocean part I came about with Forrest - LOL), but only watched long enough to find colored things. I generally watch the news, which wouldn't have worked. LOL. I did enjoy the concept. Could be useful in finding things to write about in the future. I like what you did with the prompt, boring movie or not.

  5. Weasel, there are some stinkers on tv at times.

  6. Mary, I did try and managed to accomplish it. This was a fantastic prompt. I agree it is a good concept for writing. My husband has told me the name is "the cradle". So, if you should see that title avoid it at all costs. He thought I was awake and ended up watching it (more or less).
    Payback for all that football on in my house during season :)

  7. I love this snippet - the smell of the ocean, the faded jeans, walking away......evocative.