"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Someone is Praying" Poetry Tow Truck #5-Going Up? And Down?

Sexuality has been placed in the eaves
Polemic thoughts alternate changing views
Eccentric minds can’t open airwaves
clogged with languid kaleidoscopic areas of kinkiness    
Love of humanity replaced in faraway areas
opting for permanence …
Expecting wispy pole dancers waging a personal siege,
hurling hips and flesh under neon signs that say
“Open Nightly” and “Come at your own risk”
Yearly tickets sold in oaken pews in a local church
that underlies the holy trinity of health
Swaggering from a wayward pupil with three wristwatches
enveloping an arm starting to form osteoporosis,
ailing him, though still able to touch
the labial kindred spirit found
on a confessional kitchen linoleum floor,
scratched and obsolete, showing earlier
valiance of persons exiting the peep show

process notes:
This prompt comes from Donna Vorreyer:
Looking for an easy way to throw yourself into new thought patterns and create a draft that surprises you? Try this Up and Down technique and see what happens.  Choose any phrase or sentence that happens to be in your head – the title of a song, a television show, or even a common saying and write it vertically down the page. Then turn the process around and write the same phrase from the bottom up.

Please visit her site for full details

I chose "speak low when you speak love"


  1. Interesting response to the line you used! It's evident that you already did some editing. Glad to get you writing!

  2. Yes Donna, I had to edit it. It wasn't cohesive without that. I loved this prompt and it certainly
    did motivate me to move outside of my usual writing parameters. Thanks for that!