"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One morning poetry tow truck #3-soothing your savage poetry beast/ poets united poetry pantry #25

One morning as we walked along the river
looking for some peace to calm our worried minds,
I thought of the times when we had a soft
place to fall, landing in the center of truth.
Are we one hand, one heart in a furious world,
where sadness replaces kindness?
I have always wondered is there life after breakfast
while having biscuits and tea, examining the curve
of each morsel, before they pass my lips.
If tomorrow we should decide to climb the highest
peak, will you turn to me and say so long Marianne.
Or take me by the hand to guide me …

process notes:
song titles and albums:
“One hand one heart”
Westside story
Marni Nixon and Jimmy Bryant

“So long Marianne”
Songs of Leonard Cohen

“Is there life after breakfast”
Other people’s lives
Ray Davies

“One morning”
Hell among the yearlings
Gillian Welch

“Soft place to fall”
Allison Moorer


  1. lovely quotes.

    if...beautiful wonders.
    well penned piece.

  2. Pamela,
    This has the feel of a lazy Sunday read. A slow start day, contemplative.
    Great poetic idea!!

    Eileen :)

  3. Very nice how you weaved all this together...I love that life after breakfast...and your addition of curves on each morsel....thank you for your process notes....I love learning the thoughts behind a piece..bkm

  4. "examining the curve
    of each morsel, before they pass my lips"

    Such a sweet, mindful line. This piece reminds me that we should savor each moment.

  5. This is a wonderful piece! Glad you enjoyed the prime.

  6. Thanks Jingle.
    I had fun with this one.

  7. Thanks Barb, it is an interesting poetic exercise.

  8. As well we should zouxzoux, thanks.