"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Water Rising" poets united thursday think tank- #32- "As Time Goes By"

Palapas line a beach as
the sun is setting on his world.
A cool breeze coming in …
He thinks back of walking
the white sand with love.
She woke one morning to greet
the ocean, never to return.
Loneliness fills a space
where he once lived.
Happiness and comfort almost now forgotten.
Dancing on the shore at sunset.
Is she waiting for him to join her?
As he stands with his feet at the edge
of the tide, water’s ascension
grabs his ankles …


  1. this is a mystery...time always presents the temptation to join it...in its reversal...nice take on the prompt Pam...bkm

  2. These leaves a lot to the imagination. Intelligently rendered.

  3. you are in a beach,
    glad you made it.
    you bet she is waiting for him...
    romantic poetry.
    well penned.

  4. Excellent work, Pam..so much to contemplate. How quickly goes time.

  5. Barb, time does that sort of thing to you.

  6. Thanks Mary, it does pass quickly.

  7. Jingle I wish I were on the beach :)

  8. You grabbed me, with the sands of time. It is nice to reflect on those magic moments, that ebb n' flow in our hearts n' minds!

  9. This is a romantic tale.......him standing at the shore, remembering ..... the water grabbing his ankles.........well done!

  10. Thanks Sherry and isn't life just like that?