"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, January 16, 2011

at the cinema sunday scribblings #250-invisible

Are you still sitting in the aisle seat with a long face?
Watching the silent movie,
trying to catch the humorous lines.
Tears fill the eyes of the audience,
but if laughter filled the theatre,
wouldn’t that turn things around?
You would stand out like the actors before you
not wanting to sit in that chair, staring
at the screen, attempting to figure out
how you fit … into an invisible scheme.


  1. great post. stumbled on your blog from square corner. how do we fit into an invisible scheme?

  2. I love the theatre/silent movie setting for your poem, Laughter filling a theatre can definitely turn things around for a show, but not necessarily a person in the audience, particularly one who does not want to sit there and laugh,

  3. Isn't it curious that some of the time we want to be invisible and at others it is last thing we want! I too loved your setting in the movie theatre as a parallel for life itself.

  4. Lovely piece. I know I've been the one in the aisle seat at times. Enjoyed reading it!

  5. happens to me sometimes... how i wish to be invisible at such times...

    liked it and even shared it among my frnds :)

    dropping by from SS!

  6. oldegg, sometimes it is good to be invisible.

  7. I love your title picture on your Blog, beautiful, great scribblngs too :)