"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Winter Passes Through Summer" Writer's Island #19-Season

A room filled with candles
keeping vigil on baroque statues 
sitting upon exquisite shelves …
I’m descending a ladder that goes
beneath presence

On a nearby beach with multi-coloured rocks
she sits listening to the oceans’ heartbeats,
dancing around a gazebo with lattice coverings
filling with water,
watching waves rush over sand
where ships in glass bottles are smashing
against cliffs’ iridescent reflections

My intricate gazebo’s crumbling,
as I’m trying to catch pieces as they fall
All remaining icicles break before melting


  1. That ladder beneath presence is an intriguing idea. You use rich precise language to create color, dance, shadows, sounds...I could hear the ocean. This is a beautiful poem.

  2. I like the scenic mystery surrounding this.

  3. That second stanza is a beauty. Lovely images.

  4. This brings such striking images to mind and feels so surreal as I read it. Beautiful.

  5. Ships in glass bottles smashing
    gazebo crumbling
    icicles breaking.

    I can definitely sense the winter passing through summer.

  6. Wonderful images, this takes me many places!

  7. I like the last stanza, pamela.

    '...trying to catch pieces as they fall...' This could also be a metaphor for life, trying to stop it falling apart.

    I felt that as I read it.

    The great thing about poetry is it sparks things in us we didn't even know we were thinking. This last stanza made me think of something in my own life.

  8. Thanks for the visit, Andy. I loved your mother's day poem:)

  9. Thanks, Judy. Surreal is good.

  10. I wrote this yesterday, and it does fit to the prompt a bit, Mary. Thanks:)

  11. Life can be like that, Paul. We try to catch things before they slip away.

  12. I think she's trying to put right a bad memory, or re-live a good one.

  13. I love this and can here the shios smashing and see the reflections Beautiful

  14. Fascinating take on the subject.

  15. Love the mystery of it.

    Anna :o]

  16. Pamela, I love "ocean's heartbeats" and the whole second stanza. I imagined a place where winters are mild, more like what we think of as summer.