"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Friday, May 13, 2011

Parking Lots and Studios big tent poetry #48-borrow a line or two

“The only word left is compassion”
We hold it deep, often not releasing it until faced with strife
We know blue is cool like water, red is hot, full of energy,
and a rock from a garden is green, representing fertility
But feelings of sadness visit when least expected
while walking down city sidewalks
looking at skyscrapers

Sincerity is an act, if the trap door slips
how do we pretend nothing has happened
when all photos disappear with each shutter click
As silhouettes lie facing the north, vanishing from vision,
captured forever and bordered
Smashed pieces glow with life on lit edges
like dark clouds looming over figures;
that’s when your hands feel raw from the abrasive
wear on rough edges

Arrangements fill empty parking lots
where Molly found her lost bonnet,
its ends frayed, containing no more magic
Spirals fill abandoned studios
Mandy wears lavender, a delightful aroma
found within leaves hanging on a horizon
“Marvel at the miracle of the ordinary”

* first line is Deb Scott’s and the last is Vivienne Blake’s


  1. Oh Pamela, The second stanza hit home for me on such a deep level. I find myself in this piece, and thank you for that. Now where did I put my lavender hand creme?

  2. Pamela- This touched me, too... one of my very favorite of yours!

  3. But feelings of sadness visit when least expected
    while walking down city sidewalks
    looking at skyscrapers

    Excellent! I think there's going be a bunch of sad people this weekend

    I finally got around adding your blog to my Google reader. Also I used one your lines for my poem of the week.

  4. Beautiful piece. I really enjoyed reading!

  5. Your opening stanza grabbed me and kept me throughout this one Pamela. Love what you do with language and how easy you make it look, when it's anything but. I think I'm going to start calling you smoothy,


  6. Pamela, I love the way you flowed from the line at the beginning to the line at the end. Seamlessly, with wonderful images between!

  7. Yes, the middle stanza was outstanding. With life on lit edges. Great stuff. ENJOYED!!

  8. i like the ebb and flow, lost and found, the not quite ordinary

  9. A kaleidoscope of images making a satisfying whole. Thank you, Pamela.

  10. Pamela, I love that line about how we hold it deep. Your flow from compassion to sincerity, and how we don't act until strife, and sincerity being an act, to the last stanza, where marveling at the ordinary is such a divine act - lovely!


  11. This was really good. I thought the first stanza was great...and the second even better...and, ah the third...much food for thought there. Vb

  12. Thanks to all for the lovely comments. I am feeling a bit stretched for my time right now. My apologizes to everyone for not commenting individually.

  13. Pamela - this is haunting and gorgeous. And I love how you used the borrowed lines as the opening and closing.

  14. Love the last three lines of the first stanza, especially. Pulls me & me right in. Beautiful, Pamela.

    Thank you so much for your year(s) of kind words and support. It's been a pleasure to read you & I look forward to more!

  15. Thanks for the encouragement along the way, Deb.
    I am quite happy for you to pursue your writing. You are a very talented lady.

  16. Thank you Viv, for the lovely line.