"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"A Poem for My Mom-Sylvia"

Like a breeze on my shoulders
warm and caressing, it’s felt
Days pass in sequence,
soft memories of your voice
placed in daedalean packages,
spun with silver and gold …
your eyes of deep blue;
pools of discernment
Love and guidance filled my days,
fain of your unselfish heart
As my tears would fall
you caught them in an abatis-shaped goblet,
banishing them from the atmosphere
You are missed

* I borrowed the following words from Elizabeth Crawford @   http://1sojournal.wordpress.com/
Elizabeth is having a word a day, wordplay at one of her sites.  
I wanted to write a Mother's day poem, and used three of the words she has posted so far. Thanks Elizabeth.

#4 Dae-dal  > 1. intricate: complex  2. ingenious: skillful,
may imply cunning, or cleverness  3. decorated with
many things: especially natural wonders.

#6 Fain > happily: with gladness or eagerness
willing or eager to do something
compelled: forced by an obligation or circumstance to do something.

1 Ab-a-tis
barricade: a rampart made of felled trees placed so that their bent or sharpened branches face out toward the enemy.


  1. Oh Pamela, This is deeply felt. My grandmother's sister's name was Sylvia. Thank you for sharing your love for your mother with us.

  2. Love it Pamela. The fact that the name Sylvia means of, or from the forest makes deeper meaning of the abatis shaped goblet. I haven't tried to use any more than two of these in the same piece, but am aware that the new words seem to be creating new avenues of thought and clearer ways of seeing. So glad you tried this,


  3. How beautiful and such a wonderful tribute to your dear mom. You inspire me to write one for mine.

  4. A wonderful use of the words.

  5. So beautiful. Especially her catching your tears in a goblet and banishing them. Your last line is so poignant.

  6. Very beautiful and heartfelt. I love the way you make us feel that your mother is still around you.

  7. Pamela,
    A most beautiful tribute to your mum, with sentiments I can understand and share too.

    Best wishes and good to see you back again Pamela.
    Eileen :)

  8. A fitting poetic tribute. Nice write PS.

  9. Beautiful, moving and skillfully communicated.

  10. your mom is blessed,
    sweet tribe for her.

  11. Thanks for the response email..

    feel free to do what's best for you.
    blessings. you deserve the best.

  12. Beautiful tribute to your mom.
    Thanks for the explanation of the words...I was getting ready to Google them!
    Nicely done. Thank you.

  13. Beautiful poem. I especially like, "As my tears would fall you caught them in an abatis-shaped goblet,"

  14. Apt and loving Mothers Day poem. We can all relate!

  15. Thanks for all the nice comments, and I didn't know that fact about the name Sylvia, Elizabeth. My father's last name means "black forest", which is quite fitting, don't you think?

  16. Beautiful -- such a heartfelt tribute.