"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, May 22, 2011

¨Grapes and Scarves¨ Poets United Poetry Pantry # 50

¨May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind¨
blow across fleshy grapes with smooth, firm skin
Purplish hues hanging on strong neat vines
“I often wonder about green valleys”
where you walk upon bursting seeds therein
France has always fit well in my backpack;
as Prince moves rain to sweep across lush fields,
your nightmares no longer are repeated
We dance through hula hoops spinning round us
Get off the floor, pick up the silken scarves;
place them in the holy washing machine
to watch whirling winding cycles slipping
perfection and unison like red wine
being passed from decanter to the vine

* This prompt came from  Donna Vorreyer 


  1. Amazing writing, Pamela. I passed on this one. Waaay too difficult. Kudos to you for having succeeded!

  2. I enjoyed this prompt, Mary. Challenging it was, but it felt good after not writing for a couple of days.

  3. Wow, this is a wonderful write, Pamela. Well done!

  4. Thanks Sherry, I enjoyed this challenging prompt.

  5. Pamela, I really like the continuing thread of "purple" through out this poem. Really nice!

  6. Love this! Causes one to feel as though on a journey of magical cause and effect.

  7. How yummy this was ... I almost drank it.

  8. May I just stand up to applaud for this work? The use of 'grapes and scarves' well carved into the little theme woven...:) I felt myself in France, walking through the vine yards...What feel!!

  9. with you all the way - to the last line. Bit puzzled there, but maybe I will work it out.

  10. This is luscious.
    "as Prince moves rain to sweep across lush fields," Not here he doesn't: we haven't had an appreciable amount of rain for about 8 weeks in this normally wet part of France.

    "to watch whirling winding cycles slipping" - gorgeous.

  11. Thanks Viv. The same here in Puebla, not much rain yet, and it is very hot.

  12. Great one! This line really stands out:

    France has always fit well in my backpack