"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Billy Idol - White Wedding Official videoclip

June POW twilight in summer #8

reflections gleam
I lie there disgusted
this isn't your dream
my saber unrusted
her summer gown lay there
in blood encrusted
in fetid air
a way to preclude

she was not aware
her life had been rude
yet in her dream
of her festering brood

wakened only by scream
as she hung from her beam


  1. Was she also an ex member of Generation X...?

  2. Pamela, reminds me how with all of this light from the long days, there is still plenty of darkness to go around. Wasn't Billy fun for everything from dancing to driving?

  3. You should stop taking the tablets, Pamela and dream nice dreams!

  4. Dark and esoteric, Pamela! Well done!

  5. Whatever you've got going on Pamela, it's creepin' me out, but it's really GOOD!

    - Dina

  6. Dina
    The truth is life is fairly normal round here and I appreciate you thinking otherwise ;)

  7. I love it, Pamela. The darkness fits Billy Idol. LOL The summer of my first wedding, my brother sang this song to me over and over again. Thought I'd seen the end of it. Ha! (and thank you for your welcome.)

  8. See Brenda everyone gets married in the summer just like I said! Just kidding but Summer weddings are awfully popular thanks for commenting and I am glad to you over at Rall's spot!

  9. you're right, the music kicks.
    nice variation on the TRsonnet

    We were married at the end of July, which is appalling. We gave up on doing anything to celebrate. Moved our anniversary to the end of September

  10. The music is a bit cheeky but you got to love it!
    I could not get sunny and summery with this prompt. However I did enjoy writing it!