"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

swimming with my sister we write poems #29 swimming

Currents push me hard against
barnacles on the post.
My sister said:
“Like in thick lava I swim
with nothing to grip”
Wide hips and plaintive smile.
A pool of ash and molten
rock — we’re stuck.
No way to navigate
this viscid cycle — with the
darkness in our hearts.
We try to be ambiguous and
righteous, but that twists
my brain.
And all the while I swim …
In a beautiful blue lake where
snakes won’t grab my ankles.


  1. At least you got to swim in that beautiful blue lake with your sister!

  2. Why was the experience so dark? Where were you swimming? I want to know more!

  3. This poem has a lot of contrasting images, a 'dark' undertone, yet a beautiful blue lake. And yet the snakes! I'm curious too about its inspiration.

  4. Viv,
    Through a difficult situation. A strained relationship with my sister.

  5. Mary,
    Basically it is about my sister and I.
    We don't see eye to eye.

  6. Sorry there is tension between you and your sister, Pamela. But out of it came a very good poem!

  7. Thanks for that Mary. Our relationship has its ups and downs. Right now we are on the downside.

  8. hmmm glad i read the comments... i have four sisters so i understand a tiny wittle bit.. i love my sisters so much but we always don't see eye to eye and at one time i didn't speak to one of my sisters for two years... well, she wouldn't speak to me... i was heartbroken... and decided i would do anything to cross that bridge to her... i love yr descriptions... drowning in lava, now that's an incredible image.. stuck in the beautiful blue.. sometimes bridges can't be mended but i'm on the upside of yes they can... thank you for sharing pamela i so loved reading it and yr comments... as always thank you for visiting and yr kind comments...

  9. ms pie,
    Thanks and I agree we can usually mend those bridges when we are family. However my sister is
    very stubborn and it seems I will have to give in first. I love reading your poetry.