"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Monday, November 8, 2010

I simply can't agree day #8 november PAD chapbook challenge-agree

Like the sandpaper
of your bleeding tongue
You expect me to agree

Words rehearsed to hurt,
chafed raw as joy escapes your ritual
You want them to agree

Laid upon me …
Envy, anger, sarcasm
Wretched friction that abides in
one with a loathful heart

Agree: If I succumb to the inflictions
you have so carefully placed on others
I simply can’t agree


  1. Well formulated poem, Pamela. One sometimes cannot and SHOULD not agree. Unfortunately sometime so many do!

  2. Mary,
    Thanks and I just couldn't seem to agree with anything. Difficult prompt for me.

  3. I almost wrote a poem about how much I disagreed with the prompt, lol. Glad to know someone else had a hard time with it as well. Not that it was specifically you, just the knowledge that others didn't do it easily helps. However, the flow of your words makes it look so easy, lol. I often don't agree and have wondered if that might be why my social calendar is far from filled, lol,


  4. Elizabeth,
    This was a difficult prompt for me since there is little that I agree with. Thanks for the nice comment.