"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Saturday, November 27, 2010

blame the moon day #27 november chapbook challenge-blame the ______

Blame the moon

Tides will rise to push
their way past the orifice
of ebb and flow.
With fury flooding saturated
land – soaked – waterleaf.
Sand-filled holes and rocks
will obstruct the onslaught.
The moon …
Has her own ideas.
Rising full – smiling.
While hiding other times,
looking at you from behind
dark clouds, all the while
she is plotting her next course.

Oh my beautiful companion
Guide me on the journey


  1. Hello Pamela, I like your blame the moon poem. It doesn't look like anyone took this prompt too seriously. Fairly certain that has to do with the holiday and the three days to go let-down of the challenge itself. Thank you for your support and encouragement through out.


  2. Elizabeth,
    Thanks. I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing during this challenge. I remember the first time we met on a writer's island prompt. You mentioned something about a poem I had written about my mom.
    Hope all is well with.

  3. Very nice poem, Pamela. Might as well blame the moon as anything else. LOL. The moon IS in charge, I think, plotting its own course; and we all have to follow!

  4. I have an affinity to the moon. This is a beautiful poem, Pamela! I love the last two lines.

  5. Thanks Mary, and I am not really blaming it on her.;)

  6. what a fun take on the moon,
    well done...

    don't forget to link some of your poems to potluck tonight,
    Happy Sunday!