"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

“Poem Starting with a Line from Norman Dubie.” napowrimo #13

In the near field an idle, stylish horse raised one leg


to avoid the napalm ravaged earth

dropped a month ago, the stench still hung

the stylish horse was going blind

he had been worried he might be

when he had gambled as a pony, back in that card game in Tau Luachapore

and lost

it had seemed to him that he would lose his style

yet, here he stood, in the near field, a stylish horse with one

leg raised

as I watched bemused

scraping burnt earth into my dinner bowl

and ruminating on this sour existence


  1. Love the images and stories you conjure in your poetry. That is a great last line!!

    Well done, Pamela!


  2. i saw that line too and really like how you completed a whole other world of yr own... poem...

  3. thanks for your poem Pam...well done...NY NY hu...spent some time there in late 50s and early 60s..lots of time in the Village..I think we might be taking a trip there next year

  4. This drags my mind almost unwillingly into quite a few different directions. Really well done!

  5. Poetry is great as therapy .Let it all hang out Pam. Good for you.

  6. love it... it definitely went out with a bang!

  7. Wow, great poem, Pamela! I think is definitely one of your best that I've read on here! I love the images, especially the line "scraping burnt earth into my dinner bowl." Good work!

  8. Amazing, profound imagery, Pamela. You have a lovely way of telling a haunting tale. Very nicely done!

  9. Powerful stuff here! Scraping burnt earth into my dinner bowl...what an image!

  10. Ha, excellent... great blend of humor and philosophy. I think the card game is my favorite part. ^_^ (The dinner bowl line rocks too.)

  11. Pamela, you conjure up with great details.

  12. pamela, this is so good - what you have done to Norman Dubie's line.

  13. I thought about using this one, but you took it in a very different (and very cool) direction than I would have.

  14. Powerful juxtaposition of images, Pamela! wow!

  15. I really dig this one, Pamela. Thanks.

  16. I love the image of the stylish horse and the glimpses of his days as a pony.

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