"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

reverse to go foward we write poems #9 line by line

Sadness melancholy

Peace and quiet - sun is setting

So much to be seen in this photo

the angel’s eyes are following me everywhere I go

Light like crystals in my eyes

Watching you cry as I walked upon an aisle

Wondering how much pain I caused

You didn’t understand

All looked like big fancy flowers ready to wilt

In a vase too fragile to contain them

Rain - I love you

Sand - sun and saltwater sting my skin

Completely lost, frustrated and brilliant but unseen

Sitting in a vase just like flowers for everyone to touch

Despise you and annoy you

Sitting on a shore by myself with no one around me

A beautiful beach in this universe

Could be the moon


  1. oh, so poignant. I love this, Pamela. I love your words. So rich... oh, my.

    Read My WWP #9 Poem here.

  2. Thanks Julie and I am glad to see you here!

  3. I love the angel's eyes following you...and the statement "Rain - I love you" it washes everything clean. Well done. ~Brenda

  4. Brenda thanks for the nice comment
    In fact we have a beautiful photo of an angel gravestone and at times it seems as if the eyes are following you!

  5. What a strong poem in response to this prompt, Pamela.

    I love: "A beautiful beach in this universe could be the moon."

  6. I sense melancholy here, Pamela.

    I love the angel eyes following wherevery you go.

    I do like what you did with this prompt!

  7. Diane thanks for the nice comment!

  8. Mary
    Thanks and lately I having been feeling blue
    I think I need a vacation on a beach by myself
    well maybe with my dogs ;)

  9. Pamela, I empathize with your thought about vacationing with your dogs. The hardest thing about vacationing is being without them!

  10. You captured well the sense of loss and how alien the best of places can become without the company we loved however much taken for granted.

  11. Thanks Stan a very good assessment.

  12. Melancholy, yes, but sometimes we feel so much better afterwards!