"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A good cook sunday scribblings #223 amazing

Please pull a rug up
Join me ‘round the campfire on this lovely winter evening
To listen to the tale of Janey Alison White
A blind girl from the Appalachian Trail

Living in a house made of wattle and daub, a red chimney atop
Maestra of marionette kiddy shows for a pence
Cocinar extraordinaire “consume de pansa” her speciality
Massages given for free (well if she liked you that is)

She collected pumice stones
which were stowed away in a pail out in the garage
She loved strumming her guitar under the stars by a torch
Wearing only a fringe leather jacket and a silly yellow hat with flaps

Laughter came from someone in the group
“Don’t laugh. She was a great talent in her time”
She made the finest pickle jam anyone in these parts had ever tasted
Someone in the group startled me and asked
“How did she come to be blind?”

Sad story really: the husband tore out her eyes with his long talons
He was jealous
She was a much better poet than him

Listen everybody I am getting tired I need to head back home
I think my behind is bruised from sitting too long
“Could someone pass me my jug of octopus wine?”

Oh I have forgotten my walker this evening
This limp is bad tonight good thing I always have my cane with me
It is hell trying to get around when you can’t see


  1. That was excellent and an intriguing subject.

  2. I take from this poem that I should hope my wife never writes poetry. She beats me at everything else and I do not want to get upset over a few words. Also where do I get "Octopus wine"? I like to try new things. great poem.

  3. Thanks Anthony always nice to see you

  4. gs I hope for your sake she does not start writing :)
    As for the wine you will have to check with Janie
    about that!
    Thanks for the nice comment!

  5. inspiring !!! i liked this :)

  6. Thanks ladynimue!
    Loved yours as well!

  7. I am honored Jingle thanks!