"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Saturday, July 24, 2010

on an ocean liner writer's island #13 titles

on a pale september

he boarded the luxury liner

In a state of confusion thinking about Suzanne

his winter lady an infamous angel without wings

she now belonged to the sisters of mercy

all she wrote were earthling tales about a cowgirl’s prayer

living the poor man’s dream

no longer a slave to love

member of the village green preservation society

on his way to visit school boys in disgrace

he would tell tales about the working man’s café

It’s a west side story about misfits

that attend a beggar’s banquet

these are his stories of the street

knowing the end would only come

when doves cry

and release his rabbit heart that was

trapped between two lungs

Leonard Cohen: Stories of the street
Suzanne,Winter lady,Sisters of mercy
West side story: Broadway musical
Florence and the machine: Between two lungs
Rabbit heart
Emmylou Harris: Cowgirl's prayer
Luxury liner
David Bowie: Earthling
The Rolling Stones: Beggar's banquet
Roxie music: Slave to love
Fiona Apple: Pale September
Pearl Jam: The end
Prince: When doves cry
Iris Dement: Infamous angel
Ray Davies and the Kinks: Poor mans dream
School boys in disgrace,Village green preservation society
State of confusion,Misfits,Working man's cafe
All she wrote


  1. I love it, Pamela! Many of the titles were familiar, and you worked them into a lovely cohesive piece. The end is phenomenal. Bravo!

  2. Brenda thanks and now I am going to go visit everyone!

  3. Excellently woven together. I noticed a lot of the song titles right off, especially the Stones: Beggars Banguet. Big Stones fan, long live rock n roll, LOL! Great post!

    Before I forget, you've got a blog award!

  4. Nice nubby weave. Original. Good work, Pamela...nice to find you.

  5. Weasel thanks for the blog award and thanks for the really nice compliment!My taste in music is so varied I love just about anything! So now if I can figure out how to do all this linking with the award I feel better!LOL I am challenged by technology ugh!

  6. JamieDedes thanks and glad I found you too!

  7. Excellent mix :D I love it totally and i am here to present you the same award as well ;D

    Here you go~
    Hope you enjoy it :)


  8. Thanks for that riikainfinityy!

  9. Excellent way to work in so many great music references!

  10. Even though the titles are so familiar, you worked them in smoothly. Great piece, great songs!

  11. thanks Stan! Don't you just love Ray!

  12. great tunes Pam...and nicely done with the poem.....I had the infamous angel....but couldnt find a spot for another angel in mine....but the great Iris should have been there....dam shed is goooooooood......thanks for sharing this

  13. Wayne I love Iris I got the chance to meet her personally and shake her and get her autograph!
    What an adventure for me!

  14. Pamela, really well done, excellent response to the prompt, as well as use of the titles.


  15. This is so clever - you have managed to tell a real story, with such a disparate group of titles, woven seamlessly.

  16. Fantastic how you were able to weave all these titles into a coherent whole. Well done.

  17. Viv thanks and I enjoyed yours as well!

  18. Fun to see how you worked all of the titles into the poem, and the diversity of artists. I see you are another Leonard Cohen fan. I never heard of Florence and the Machine. LOL. Creative piece.


  19. Mary thanks! And I love Leonard he is fantastic!
    Florence and the machine is a fairly new group from England and I like her style.
    Oh by the way I deleted the one lovely blog from here because my husband and I were talking about how maybe it was a scam to get people's private information. Now that I think about it it did remind me of the pyramid scheme wanting all those links to other people's blogs.
    Sometimes I am a bit dense and do not catch things right off. Sorry about that!

  20. Pamela, I ended doing the same with the "one lovely" thing. I had prepared a whole post, posted it (it existed only overnight, then this morning I felt differently about it), then deleted it. I will have to check out Florence and the Machine! You seem to like a lot of the same music I do, so perhaps I will like Florence as well.

  21. What a great selection of titles - you even included Fiona Apple, my favourite. I'm assuming this was not all from one album!

  22. Thanks Keith! No these are various cds I own
    and I just started going through them and I also love Fiona!