"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ever we write poems #11 Nicole's prompt

flowers seize to exist anywhere with nothing of importance

ever occurring within a field of vision

recurring nightmares are normal

untied and broken rotten further complications

fall to pieces in my arms as I lie still in the green grass

on a shelf in a dark corridor

placed in sanctuary

ultimate challenge to yourself

failing by thinking this through

not asking why but continuing

undefined and everlasting in the seed that grows

forms within itself and blooms on the outside without

pain or interference resurfaces from time to tomb

ultimately it is a place to begin again


  1. That's how 'they' want us to be - but we keep coming back...

  2. and again, and ever again... very ethereal and satisfying on a special plane -- wonderful Pamela... ;)

    Image & Verse

  3. The place of being broken is often the very best place to begin again!

  4. from time to tomb---what a good phrase
    I like it as a beginning place

  5. beautiful,
    powerful emotions well captured here.

  6. Oh Pamela, This is just lovely. I'm wondering if you write stream of consciousness frequently. Your work is so distinct, I enjoy my visits here!

    I love the juxtapositioning of the dark shelf and green grass.

  7. the dark corridor immediately met by sanctuary... wow.

    I would like to tip toe about for a bit...

    My attempt at this week's prompt.

  8. linked your entry in,
    letting you know that,

    what's next is for you to comment for 18 poets from my participants list...
    have fun!
    let me know after you are done,
    then you are in good shape.

  9. All is dependent on seeds....your poetry makes what might seem insignificant significant.

  10. Now this is you. Go automatic all the time! Truly! You're only one step away with a lot of your work, really...you have a truly unique way of seeing things and expressing yourself. Bravo!

  11. thanks for all the nice comments!

  12. thanks for this Pam...nicely done again

  13. thanks Wayne for the nice comment!

  14. A wonderful poem, Pamela. I especially liked the ending: "ultimately, it is a place to begin again." So very true! We can always begin AGAIN.