"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

groundhog day---to change POW #12 (1&2) what's on your mind?

He was sitting on my waterbed eating a turkey sandwich

I asked him what he was doing there

He said don't you know I am everywhere

I asked him how long he'd been there he said about an hour

I asked him his favorite song he said the wildwood flower

I was so happy

I was impressed

He turned away while I got undressed

Outside in the oak tree

Off there in the distance

I think I saw some angels shooting craps

Divinity a runabout

Nasty girls with piggy snouts

Unrequited love left in a hat

Circumcised lobotomies

Prayer that hits the ageless seas

Questions that have never been in doubt

Crippled spiders on the lawn danced around with top hats on

I wondered what that was

It’s revelations

He's sitting on my waterbed

He's bragging 'bout the books he's read

The room is getting cloudy

And it's stinky

The next time I walk up to you I'll ease right in that's what I'll do

That’s all I really want to do to you

The comforter is dirty now

He's left his nasty prints somehow

But who am I to judge him anyway

There's three more things I want to say

before the final judgement day

My cat has told me not to so I won't

I'll leave you to consider this

I'm not so thrilled with Jesus fish

Communion wine is not my cup of tea

My waterbed is boiling now

He's dining on a sacred cow

My privacy is goddamned interrupted

The angels still are shooting craps

He's looking at my soul perhaps

I'm eating Snickers worrying a bit

I'm tired of all this damn religious shit

to change #2

Reinvent myself as a starstruck lover
delicate with charming pomp
never to question
as I scamper in the field

Reinvent myself like a worthy adversary
strategic and ornery
now that would be a farce
we know you impregnate
with unclean thoughts

Reinvent myself as someone ordinary
now that would be sordid and silly
I have too much trill for that
precise and obscure to be
like a laminated seat cover

Reinvent myself what kind of a question is that
sounds like an ampersand with coins that stick


  1. Sounds like a questioning of the bible and disallusionment with Christianity in particular. I suppose Mexico is a very religious Christian country and one would be aware of it as part of everyday life?

    Australia is the only country in the Western world where the leader is an atheist,unmarried and intentionally childless,lives in a defacto relationship and does a good knifing Brutus impersonation.Blokey sheilas are the preferred option here.Yes I know what you are thinking.
    There is a lot of speculation on that aspect of Australian life.

    The Pope said that Australia is the most secular country in the world.If you are religious here you would be advised to keep it to yourself..I have always felt that we are very similar to Marxist Russia in many ways...a lot would disagree with me. The analogies in your poem are funny outrageous and interesting.I liked it.

    Poem 2 Reinventing yourself as ordinary means botox and a boob job. You would not enjoy being a laminated seat cover LOL

  2. I've always thought religion/belief to be far too personal to jump on the bible bashers bandwagon... let them have their say... I'll just keep it shut...
    Reinventing yourself is such a sad thought. Who is there that's worth impressing anyway...?

  3. Pamela, these are two impressive poems. The first one echoes the thoughts of a great many people. The form and rhyme are just right. As for re-inventing yourself - why not? I do it all the time.

  4. I like Wildwood Flower, but would never eat lunch meat in someone else's bed. Love the angelic crapshoot.
    I believe you'd make a good "strategic and ornery"

    good job!

  5. Pamela, I like where your mind went with the first poem. So many images. It went everywhere, but it made its point.

    As to reinventing oneself, as Vivinfrance said, why not? But really I believe we all can assume many roles. Each of them us.


  6. Perfectly natural to wonder, but for a moment there I was happy not to be inside your head, Pamela! I'm in favour of reinventing, if we could come up with something really interesting.

  7. Rall Mexico is very Catholic and I do believe everyone has a right to their own beliefs just as long as they don't bother me with it! As far as reinventing myself, well who needs botox and boob jobs!I did not know that bit of info about Australia. Thanks for the nice comment and for an interesting prompt.

  8. Stan Thanks for commenting!

  9. Viv
    Thanks for the nice comment and I really would not want to reinvent myself I am quite happy with who I am.

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  11. Barb thanks and it is really rude to eat food in someone else's bed ;) Do you really think I would be good at that being "strategic and ornery"?

  12. Mary thanks for the nice comment and I don't want to reinvent myself.

  13. Derrick thanks your lucky stars you are not inside my head (it is far too crowded anyway).
    And for reinventing myself I think I am pretty interesting already! thanks for commenting

  14. The first poem was quite a ride. It had a "Alice in Wonderland" feel to it. Some great images, such as the angels and spiders. Poetry allows us all the reinvention we could ever want :).

  15. Francis thanks for saying so!