"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Me and skulls (with Rasputin)

I feel fragile with my surrender
And so impractical with my suggestions toward you
I need a big bottle to put all of these feelings in

I read my horoscope and since I am a Sagittarius
My outlook never is good for me
They say I live in a fantasy and with poor reception
Do they mean perception?

Meanwhile I am looking for Rasputin
With his entire skullduggery at least you know his game
It can be memorable; just listening to his friend playing the ukulele

I love playing hopscotch especially when it’s warm out
It is always a nice icebreaker, when the visitors drink scotch
I truly love looking for fireflies on those nights when they come

My virtuosity is in Spanish (as everybody knows)
I have a kiln for the words and expressions I have learned
And they come out hard and shiny ready to be painted once again

I try to squelch all the hard times I have fallen upon
Like with the skulls I found in my yard in September
I tried to trisect all of them
But it didn’t work and now they are perpendicular

Usually I am much more persuasive when I talk to skulls and Rasputin

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