"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grampa's bestfriend

I was eating cheeseburgers while I was waiting for Rumpelstiltskin to visit me
Yesterday we had an atomic blast
I really needed to talk to him
He is very wise
He is best friends with my grampa
My grampa was one of the Brothers Grimm
Now he is retired

He finally arrived
He didn’t want to talk about the blast
Instead he told me about his latest tryst with a handmaiden from town
So we sat together in the corner by the fire
On some new stools I had just bought at Home Depot
He began his tale by telling me:
About her lovely hips and her beautiful purple dress with borders in gold
How it made her look more curvaceous than she actually was

I asked my next question with some trepidation
I didn’t want to upset him
I knew I had to allow him his space
He can be very aggressive at times
He intimidates me
“How is it you stole her away from Sky King”? I asked
Contemplating his answer, He told me how she got away
She said she was going to commit suicide
Not wanting to hear anymore of this story
Because it was disturbing me

I changed the subject
Asking him if he wanted some gravy I just made
My gravy is wonderful on homemade biscuits
He allowed me to serve him some
I put some on my beautiful china
It used to belong to my grampa

We hadn’t quite completely finished with our meal
When he began to tell me about his lastest idea
He wanted to move to Ohio with his girl
She would bring her yearlings
He told me also how blue the sky was there
How the grass was much greener than anything he had ever seen
Deciding I didn’t want to be the destroyer of his dreams
I thought they were manic
I told him I would help with the liquidation of his weaving business
We could start whenever he wanted
I want to make his move with his lady as easy as possible
After all he is my grampa’s bestfriend

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