"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My ghosts

As I walk down the lonely isolated path
I see the trees with no leaves or blossoms
I look round to see if they are following me … they are
But they do not show themselves
Although I know they are there
I see the stones broken and scattered along the way
As I progress onward, I turn toward the noise I hear
Now they greet me with sneers and laughter
I ignore them, they do not phase me
I know they want to bother me, but they can’t
They are powerless in this place
They see me, they haunt me
I will turn my attention elsewhere
I look to my right
I see the decayed corpse
Of a person I once knew
Where is their spirit now?
Did they have a soul?
I continue on the deadened path without fear
I know when I arrive to my destination
They will be there to greet me once again
My ghosts


  1. nicely done Pam...we live in the moutains..in the forest where I have many trail that i walk...the trees are...well they do follow me and speak to me....you say lots in your words....thanks forr sharing...

  2. Wayne thanks so much for your comment on my poem. This was a very personal poem for me. I just visited your blog and I love your poetry.