"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

February someday

It's February and I'm sitting on a rock by the oceanside

I'm looking at the sky and wondering about the starlight

The nukes were dropped on our neighbors just two days ago

So I cannot figure out how the sky can be so clear and marvelous

We will be having a moratorium for one month;

It's what everybody has agreed upon after the attack

I thinking about the whales and how they have been affected by the bombs

I doubt my crass and heartless fellow humans have even given it a second thought

I tremble with fear at what I know the outcome for us will be

As if things are not bad enough already

I suffer from Hypertension, and now I have tremors

Which I can no longer control and the prognosis is not good

My brother died from this unspeakable disease

Quivering his way into the earth inside a mahogany box

His was a millionaire but in the end his money did not serve him well

For all his pomposity and condescending behavior I still loved him

 My superfluous thoughts are interrupted

By the loudspeaker announcement

They are saying the Mohicans are coming to visit tomorrow

They are credible and always cordial with us

I know they'll be generous with the harvest they made on their farms

They grow tomatoes, potatoes, corn and mushrooms

(Well, actually the cows produce them with their manure)

Those happen to be my favorite

They might even want to play soccer with us and I'll keep score

That is if we can find a place without a lot of ash on it

I think I should head home on my water skis because I am feeling dirty

I would love a nice, hot shower (if we have running water)

I have this pretty yellow party dress I want to wear tomorrow

I want to impress all the Mikes who will be there

Many Mohicans  have named their sons Mike and they are always very handsome with dimples

I have to look very pretty tomorrow because time is running out for me

I might even put a magnolia in my hair if I can find one that is still alive

If not there are always the fake ones at home in a vase on my dining room table

They'll work nicely enough

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