"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"The Park Bench" Poets United Thursday Think Tank #51-time-out

 It’s your mediocrity that filled rooms
and completed every yellowed page
The sound of your voice was
as coarse as your thoughts
Looking behind old closed doors …
they held answers
Windows opened when closed tightly,
paint accumulated in crevices,
years of wear, and weather beaten

Fountains contained no more water
Funnels were clogged from lack of use
Lyme built up visible from your caustic eyes
You had verified all minor complexities
held deep beneath the surface, like twisting
wire frames that no longer fit the picture

You never could’ve counted errors
of missed satisfaction,
or a dream of less perfect times
when you walked in those empty spaces
I can’t remember anything about you;
neither can the bench where you always sat


  1. Wow! So good! I liked it so much! Just beautiful!

  2. a character that time has forgotten - in sound and being...even a bench can not remember...reason to live to the fullest and seek being remembered....nice write...bkm

  3. I love it, Pamela. Even the BENCH can't remember...a sad commentary on a sad life.

  4. Pamela, it was beautiful. Caustic eyes, such powerful imagery and the dried up fountain and the lime built up. I can see your bench~ Well Done!

  5. As a portrait, it is of the warts and all school - I mean when Oliver Cromwell was being painted he asked for a true un-retouched portrait,and he had many warts on his face!

    I love the defiance of the last two lines,claiming to remember nothing, coming as it does at the end of quite a few memories!

  6. ooh i feel like that sometimes =)

  7. Pamela,

    Gone and forgotten, it seems!

    Best wishes, Eileen

  8. Once again you give us a finely tuned character sketch. We feel that person and even remember the caustic sound of that voice. Good poem, Pamela,


  9. Thanks to all for the nice comments.

  10. Pamela- Powerful... the ending packs quite a punch!