"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Leaves Regret" A Whirl of Wordling Sundays #7

It’s your favourite rollercoaster ride into the wind;
spinning, it leaves you unafraid …
a barge that drifts on an inky lake, 
you try not to undulate in its presence

It’s stillness of common fear,
confining murmurs of your heart
contained within a purple basin,
broken inside an abyss

Gravestones have been erected
in country to city outlines,
worms burrow in ivy hillsides,
capturing moisture from the night …
lingering in the gaudy glow which
now defines your life


  1. Pamela, I have never been one to get into riding on roller coasters. They scare me to death.

    The last stanza has an eerie ring to it!

  2. These are gorgeous words: "murmurs of your heart
    contained within a purple basin, broken inside an abyss." Your last stanza is quite spectacular! Great writing, Pamela!

  3. Love it Pamela, your images and flow once again capture so much and with such feeling. You set a high standard,


  4. I can simply close my eyes and repeat what you wrote, it flashes the image right in front ..of each word you quote! Amazing rendering of thought, flow, and choice of words...Great one again!

  5. I really like this Pamela and you wrap it up so well too, those last two lines are magic...
    "lingering in the gaudy glow which
    now defines your life"

    (Thanks also for the welcome over at my blog, it was much appreciated. x)

  6. Like the images "barge that drifts on an inky lake" and "worms burrow in ivy hillsides", Pamela.

  7. "confining murmurs of your heart" keeps repeating for me - that strikes me as something that needs overcoming so that there are no regrets.


  8. From rollercoaster to drifting on a lake, you take us on a varied ride with much to see and contemplate.

  9. This is strong writing, Pamela. We'll be seeing you at wordpress.

  10. Yikes you all are good. I hate rollercoasters, but loved your poem. Great use of the words.

  11. love the images you've created

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  13. Hi Regina, I sent you an email. My new blog is @ wordsandthoughtspjs.com

    Hope to hear from you soon,