"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Monday, December 27, 2010

The new year for a dead man monday poetry potluck #16-celebrations and festivities

i. The dead man reflecting on the New Year

At the countdown he eats a grape
to the twelve chimes of the bell.
Making a wish with each one.
He decorates his  home with 
red, yellow, green and white.
Hoping these colours will bring
love, happiness, and stability.
For his New Year’s party, drinks flow, food is served.
He dances to the joyful tunes while the children play.

ii. More about the dead man reflecting on the New Year

He sees himself laughing, toasting to good health and prosperity.
While he’s wearing fine silk pajamas and a smoking jacket. 
He places twelve grapes in a bowl, he won’t reveal his wishes.
(suffice to say 586 times be undone)
Someday he thinks he’ll talk about it.
All will be different for the new year.
He ponders about what is coming to him.
His best laid plans are finally going to arrive,
as he slips into oblivion …


  1. Pamela, you once again attack the dead man. I'm impressed. You do a lot with it here, and I'm thinking the day the old year dies and slips into oblivion is a very good time for a poem like this. Good job of changing perspectives yet reinforcing the theme in the two segments. Thanks for all your visits and kind comments, and the happiest of New Years to you.

  2. powerful.
    you are getting hooked with that character.

    Happy New Year.
    Glad to see you in week 16 potluck..


  3. nice and lovely
    here is mine just classic one : http://meirozavian.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/new-year-gift/

    Have a nice new year!!

  4. its a nice take and i really like it! mines here-http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2009/12/06/time-is-not-the-essence/

  5. Hedgewitch, I am not so sure I like this form that much. But it is interesting. A very happy New Year to you and those you love.

  6. Jingle happy New Year to you and yours.

  7. meirozavian,
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  8. fiveloaf thanks and happy New Year to you.