"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Friday, February 12, 2010

transparency still alive

She remembered a time when things mattered and she really cared

things that counted and feelings that were important

now they just don’t matter anymore I was told

she said your aged now and not a soul wants you

you don’t seem the same and nobody cares

it is because you chose your way of living

and nobody understands and you can’t expect them to either

did you think that one day there was someone who cared?

or did you just not give a shit

were you that self- absorbed?

and now you cry all by yourself with your fucking shitty self

who cares? Because I don’t

please tell me if someone does

i would like to congratulate them

tip my hat to them

so to speak as a gentleman articulates


what happened to you did you think you were faultless

nothing is perfect not even sex with whores

masturbating by yourself in your lonely room

where the walls are filthy with grease and dirt

from too many years of no concentrated effort

begrimed grey curtains that were once white

now hang as droopy and listless as you are

with no movement (insensate)

filthy as your mind and soul (mucky)

no one who cares anymore because you sent them away

how long will you stay breathing this way?

everyone thought you would not make it this long

you should be gone by now in the ground

where your body will continue decomposing

like your mind has been doing for years

rotting away with every illegal substance you ingest

life of a debauched and pathetic person

did you once have parents who tried to nurture you?

or were you thrown on the dirt only to be swept up with the other litter

to be discarded and forgotten about

is that how the story goes that you tell

some line of crap that you think people believe

that line used to work but not anymore

You are transparent

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