"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Living with the carbuncles

In the living room staring at the framed picture of “Les Miserables”

Looks like it was drawn with a graphite pencil

Nicely done, oh how I idolize the author Victor Hugo

I have seen the musical 50 times, It is one of my favourites

Moving through the house everything is very quiet

It is a grand old house on ten hectares with a huge glass atrium

Filled with plants and peeling black wrought iron furniture

But it is much too silent here all the plants seem dormant

The catnip that was put out for the cats hasn’t been touched

Our kitties love old wool socks filled with that intoxicating drug

I thought someone was home

I walk swiftly past the study, I hate that room it makes me cringe

Ever since my grandfather strangled my beautiful aunt Marilyn in there

He was always a suspect and we all knew his guilt

But when you have money, no one goes to jail

It certainly can buy you freedom

I never cared for my mother’s side of the family

And now they are all gone: carbuncles

They make you feel like you shouldn’t have been born

Creeps swilling beer and vomiting close to the latrines

“Hey the maid will get that” they say

“Pigs” with an education that my grandpappy paid for

Well he wasn’t much better he killed

My auntie Marilyn because she wanted to marry a

a woman (a sexy redhead named Susie) and they were planning on adopting a baby
(very sad now that she is gone)

I used to have momentous times with my auntie

She had some cool and jerky moves

I really loved watching her

Beautiful long blonde wavy hair, eyes as blue as the sky

And lips like a cupid doll

I now am walking through the kitchen

One of my favourite places

Good food and the laughter from the cooks

Making fun of my grandfather about his choices in women (that he kept)

Poor elections if you ask me, but nobody asked

I was just a kid and am still now

So what the hell am I doing here all by myself?

I need to run up to my Grandmother’s old room

I want to put on some Chanel and some of her lipstick

Grandpappy didn’t dare throw out her things when she left us

I love her silver-plated hairbrush with its boar bristles

Brushing my lovely chestnut brown hair, I look at myself and think

Don’t ever use hair coloring

I am worthy of a good life

'specially after these people

Where the hell did everybody go?

Now how come they left me all alone?

I miss the kitty cats, where are they?

I want to go outside and take out one of our glass bottom boats

Oh yeah, we have a lake here too

I guess I didn’t mention that yet, huh?

You probably know by now that I am unfettered, fortuitous and earnest

Though times are dreary

I want to see the loons that live on our lake

They are so pretty and resonate such calm

I grab my grammy’s old blue and silver scarf

Thank the heavens that grandpappy didn’t throw her things away

I run downstairs and out to the dock

I just want to paint the sky crystalline with ornaments

Tomorrow I will build bottle rockets and look for arrowheads

And I will take the steamroller out too

While watching the animals do the Riverdance

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me

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