"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."
Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, February 14, 2010

in the woods by a river on a mountain on the edge of a cliff and a skyscraper

(Warning! I have used some foul language in the following poem. None is meant to offend. These are some commonly used expressions in Mexico)

On the riverbank

                        Jump in the dirty river

                                                        Put your head underwater-breathe

Inhale deeply, choke, cough and spew out the debris

No Te metes metiche

Mind your business

And leave my life alone

On a mountain

                    Try and jump

                                       See if you can fly high with the birds

Soaring high and squawking like an eagle looking for its prey

Tu eres un cabron

You are a bastard

But you’re cool

On a cliff

              Look down at the sea crashing on the rocks

                                                                               Try to imagine

Constantly being pounded becoming eroded and scarred with time

Pinche puta madre

Fucking whore mother

“Hey, don’t talk about her like that. “

Standing on the roof of a skyscraper

                                                      People are as small as ants

                                                                                              Don’t jump

Think of your loved ones and how much you’ll be missed

Chinga su madre

Go fuck your mother

What the Spaniards said about the Mexican women

Sitting in the forest looking at the trees

                                                        Bring a rope

                                                                         But don’t use it

Life is worth more than that. Life is grande


Maybe, hopefully

Things will get better


  1. This is hard hitting and powerful. Nicely done.

  2. Thanks Anthony! I was trying to stay away from the norm here and it was difficult. Again thank you.

  3. I enjoy the pacing, the angry, bitter bad words followed by the breath-filled, "Ojala" - think I will throw that into my English conversations. I have been known to use some of the others...

    (I finally wrote my RWP for this week, too. PHEW!)

  4. Thanks Julie,
    I was very late with mine. It is funny when you translate these expressions how foul they sound. But when people here say them it just doesn't come across that horrible. Thanks for commenting.


  5. I like the way the strong opening

    On the riverbank / Jump in the dirty river / Put your head underwater-breathe / Inhale deeply, choke, cough and spew out the debris

    is followed through so fully in the rest of the poem.

  6. Paul thanks so much for your kind words. I was worried about this poem because of the foul language. Here in Mexico it just doesn't sound as bad until you translate it. Then it changes the whole scenario.


  7. Wow this is really powerful. The visual structure and the mix of Spanish and English makes for a fascinating read.

  8. Thanks James this is away from the norm for me. But as always I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for stopping by.